Reports analysis and use cases

Julia Alexeenko

Nov 06, 2018

company reports

Are you already familiar with all Onde business analytics solutions? There is Company analytics of course, and Referral programs stats... Yet there’s more! Discover Company reports and a whole load of analytical data to your service! Read more.

How to launch Facebook Ads

Julia Alexeenko

Oct 31, 2018


How to advertise on Facebook: the ultimate guide for app owners to launching and tuning Facebook Ads. Read more.

Really clear step-by-step guide to submitting your app to app stores.

Julia Alexeenko

Oct 25, 2018


How to submit a mobile app to app stores? Read this 11-steps guide to find out how to trouble-freely publish your app and maximize marketing impact of your primary listings. Read more.

Get more ratings & reviews to make your app popular

Julia Alexeenko

Oct 18, 2018


App ratings and reviews are important app store ranking factors. Many app owners do not even realize how essential it is to improve these on app stores. In this guide, you can find practical tips on managing app ratings and reviews. Read more.

Taxi is about happiness: how to manage an on-demand business in tough regulational climate

Julia Alexeenko

Oct 11, 2018


OTaxi is a mobility startup in Oman. The local transportation market is restricted by many laws aiming to keep disruptive technologies offside. Company CEO, Harith al Maqbali, tells how he manages a friendly taxi business in spite of a sometimes hostile legal climate. Read more.

Branded vs. non-branded booking apps

Julia Alexeenko

Oct 08, 2018


The potential of white-label taxi apps is huge as it makes uber features stack available to any taxi company. But what’s better, a branded or a non-branded app? We compare the two solutions and discover the major differences. Read more.

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