Extended Driver Subscriptions – New Release v.0.13.4

Natalia Korol
May 16, 2016

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Manage the driver’s order fees depending on the source of the order: passenger dispatch app, driver or our API.

With our new feature, you will be able to manage the driver’s fees and rates according to your preferences. As well as charge them with fixed price or % for using cash, card or terminal. The driver will be able to see all the fees charged, so this is all clear and transparent.

Example #1 – Passenger Pays with a Credit Card

Let’s say the passenger pays via credit card, which means there is a transaction fee applied. So now you can transfer this fee to the driver and insert it in the “Bank Card” line, so it will be charged from the driver’s balance.

The transaction fee differs within countries, but it is approximately 3%. So if you insert the 3 % as a credit card transaction fee, every time a customer pays with a card, not with cash, the 3 % will be charged from the driver’s account.

Example #2 – Fee for Orders Received via App
The drivers are paying a fixed rate per month for getting the orders through dispatch. But then you have developed and promoted the passenger app, which cost you certain expenses. That is considered to be an additional source for your employees to receive orders.

You could set up an Order Fee in the “Passenger App” line for, let’s say, 10%. That means that your drivers will transfer additional 10% from the order, received through the Passenger app, to your account.

Extended driver subscriptions

Some more cool features for you to explore:

Track App Installs and Active Users via Facebook SDK

You’ve built your app — now what? It’s time to find success through metrics. With Facebook SDK already integrated into your app, you can measure:

– people WHO launch and use your app;
– details about HOW people use your app, such as insights about devices, demographics and more;
– see trends for the actions people take, such as launching your app;
– send push and in-app notifications directly to the people using your app based on their actions;
– understand how your audience is accessing your app;
– and more.

FB Analytics

New Vehicle Type – Pedicab


You can develop by offering another option for downtown transportation, which runs on three wheels. Should you need a vehicle type that is not supported yet you can request it here.

Credit Card Fraud Control

Thanks to this new feature, postcode on credit card form for US, UK and Canada allows automatic postcode verification in Braintree. As a part of fraud prevention, Braintree offers AVS service (Address Verification System). It basically verifies if entered postal code corresponds to credit card code. Please keep in mind, that card verification is a strong first-line defense against potentially fraudulent cards. 

GST/VAT in Invoice Along with Driver GST/VAT Number

VAT in invoice

0.13.4 Version Improvements:

– Cost calculation
– Time zone handling

Feel free to contact us in case of any questions. Enjoy!