Hotfix release 0.9.8 is landed on production

Eugene Suslo
Mar 07, 2015

Release 0.9.8

Hi there,

In case you haven’t noticed, yesterday we have released an update – v0.9.8. Here are a few new things you get:


Special price from Dispatch

Dispatch operator can now set a special fixed price with included kilometers and minutes. That is spcifically usefull when a customer is negotiating on price from A to B or want’s to hire a driver for a few hours. Once either included distance or included time is over the system will calculate according to the company rates.

We have also added Indonesian language for the system, Protuguese and Brazilian Portuguese for the apps. Improved an experience of edditing the phone number for a few areas, and improved stability of your driver apps to satisfy the industry standard. Our tools should be reliable at any time.

One more thing…

Last time I didn’t mention it. The system is now sending and invoice to every customer after every ride. It includes a lot of details as you can see below. But most importantly, it includes your company contact phone. So make sure to keep it updated, otherwise your customers will be frustrated.

TODO: Check your company phone number


Co-founder, Eugene Suslo