How to Enter On-Demand Economy Using a Ready-Made TaxiStartup Platform – LifeOne Assist Success Story

Natalia Korol
Oct 26, 2016

Tap a button and get a mechanic. Sounds revolutionary, right? That is what is being promised by on-demand platforms emerging in different verticals today.

The ‘on-demand economy’ brings the online and offline worlds together. What about LifeOne Assist, the ‘Uber’ for the on-demand emergency on the road?

Alejandro is a pioneer in the whole region, with a small market open for experiments. He calls himself a “coordinator” and the idea behind Alejandro’s business it to coordinate suppliers of different services with the customers in need of urgent help on the road.

While a standard on demand structure embraces just one service, for example, grocery delivery or a taxi order made online, Alejandro’s solution makes a vast number of services available through one system.

on-demand economy

LifeOne Assist Case Study

Client: LifeOne Assist is a roadside assistance company and call centre. Users of LifeOne Assist are clients of INISER insurance company. Basically, every client who has purchased the insurance is given an access to a number of on-demand services through the app.

INISER Asiste – is an application for requesting on-demand services while on the road. Clients can book an insurance inspector, mechanical assistance, tire change, fuel delivery, return or continued journey, tow truck etc. while on the road. And it’s just a button click or a phone call away.

Industry: on-demand service.


LifeOne Assist was more interested in the high-level integration of their own system of suppliers to TaxiStartup dispatch without much difficulty. The company also insisted on providing a facility for clients to choose the service they desire.


The way people requesting for assistance is changing, they are using apps and want to receive information immediately.

Let’s have a closer look at the way it works in practice.

Have you ever been stuck on the road with a flat tire and no clue how to fix it? Well, with an access with LifeOne Assist system there’s no need to hail for help, browse the internet for instructions or else. You can just push the button on your smartphone app and be sure that the closest to you available technician is on the way to fix the problem.

How about a tow truck in case of a serious car breakage or an insurance inspector to aid with an accident, a nurse if there’s a need for medical assistance. You can even have gas delivered should you run out of it in the middle of nowhere.

“Sometimes customers receive incorrect information from the call centers and they do not know where the supplier of the particular service is. Thanks to our application suppliers will arrive faster to their clients.”

What made Alejandro choose TaxiStartup platform?

From his own words, some of the things that made him go for our product were its extensive functionality, usability, and flexibility. Some other key points are system operation stability, accuracy of calculation and the possibility to track all the stages of the service coordination process.

Alejandro states that the main thing speaking for his project’s success is, of course, customer satisfaction. Feedbacks from regular clients clearly show that people “love the idea”.

The whole business model is a win-win solution for everybody:

1. The company benefits from an additional inflow of clients attracted by the bonus of extra services.
2. Clients are overjoyed with a chance to resolve road emergencies efficiently and on the spot.
3. Service suppliers are sure to get a constant flow of clients to attend to and keep busy.
4. Business owner is a successful entrepreneur pulling the strings to make the system stay in tune and focused.

The key benefits upon implementation of TaxiStartup solution:

1. Clients can claim for help easily via mobile phone;
2. With the added service, INISER clients feel more confident;
3. Lawyer/Insurance inspector/Plumber/Tow truck, etc. on demand services for hiring;
4. The arriving time for emergency services has improved by 60%;
5. 99% satisfied customers.

Wrapping up


The on-demand economy is playing a vital role in making our lives simpler. Customers are getting used to this convenience and expect this to be their default interface with the ground transportation industry. We expect to see many entrepreneurial initiatives in this space across the globe in the next five years.

Hop on to be among them right now! Contact us with your business idea and see what TaxiStartup can do for you.