Introducing Driver Bank Account Payouts

Natalia Korol
May 17, 2016

We are proud to announce the release of a cool new feature ‘Driver Bank Account Payout’ that will help to automatically handle driver’s billing

driver payout

Our system will calculate and prepare all the data for the payouts to the driver’s bank account on a daily or weekly basis.

Now your drivers only need to fill out their bank account information right from the app. The provided info is verified by the account manager. All the rest is done automatically for your comfort, so you won’t have to do all this time-consuming calculating manually.

With the help of automated reports you will save so much time in managing the drivers’ payouts, especially if you have multiple employees.

How it works:

1) Update the Actual Bank Account Data

-The driver fills in his actual bank account information.

-The information is verified by the account manager and if everything is correct, it is approved.

Payout details

2) Analyze Transaction Reports

-The history of transactions stays in the system. It is possible to see the detailed reports on all the transactions and balance.

-The manager can also set a certain minimum limit that stays on the driver’s balance.

-The drivers can also see all the transactions and fees charged, as well as the amount of payout in the app.

Payouts transactions

3) Setup Automatic Payouts

Let’s say the billing cycle is one week, for example, Monday at 5am – the following Monday at 5am. From that pay period, the system calculates your driver’s Payment Summary, which is sent to the bank. The payment is then processed on Wednesday (you receive a notification) and the driver’s deposit should be available in his account early Thursday morning.

Payouts credit page

Want to try out the payouts right away? Just contact our technical specialist at so he will guide you through the new feature settings. Please, NOTE: the feature itself is free, but requires particular configuration for each company. As it takes from 1 to 3 hours maximum for our technical specialists to manage all the settings, this time is billable and paid only once.  The amount of work depends on the individual peculiarities of each company, country, bank system, etc.