Introducing Order Editing: Change the Way You Manage Orders in Dispatch Panel

Natalia Korol
Aug 04, 2017

Your operators gonna love this feature that you can start using right now. Easily change pickup or drop off locations; reassign a driver; add notes or edit passenger details. This feature will fundamentally change how you manage orders in the dispatch panel.

Order editing

In our newest dispatch panel, we’ve added a simple way for operators to edit order information on-the-go:

  • Add the pickup location and change it later;
  • Add or even remove the drop off location;
  • Reassign drivers;
  • Edit passenger details such as phone number and name;
  • Change the service type;
  • Add options;
  • Add notes;
  • Etc.

While order editing has endless possibilities, the number of editable tabs will depend on the order source.

For example, if the order was created from a dispatch panel an operator is authorised to:

  • Edit passenger details;
  • Change pickup and drop off locations;
  • Edit driver details;
  • Change other options.

Mind that an operator who creates the order is the only person allowed to edit the above fields. If an operator assigns the order created by another operator to him, he is able to edit the driver details only.

If the order was created from a booking app or a web desk an operator is authorised to:

  • Manually assign a driver.
order editing

Mind that passenger details of such order cannot be changed.

If the order was created from a booking app outside your company an operator is authorised to:

  • Edit driver details;
  • Cancel order;
  • Duplicate order.

Excited to try out this feature? Go ahead and start using order editing in your dispatch panel now.