Introducing a Revolutionary Tracking Algorithm, Which Makes Fare Calculation Work Smarter, Quicker, and More Precise

Natalia Korol
Nov 11, 2016



The new app version is here – and it’s all about making fare calculation work smarter, quicker, and more precise.

Distance estimation accuracy is important, especially when you are in a hurry. Fare calculation can be a crucial thing too. TaxiStartup offers your clients and drivers to save time and money introducing a revolutionary tracking algorithm.

1. Improved Fare Calculation in Case of Poor GPS Connection

We’ve rebuilt the track processing algorithm, so now it filters out erroneous data taken by your smartphone while route creation.

Let’s have a closer look at how GPS distance estimation works.

The GPS data in urban areas is quite inaccurate. You can be in one building on the side of the street, but the GPS would show that you are on the opposite end of the street, in another building. The reason is that the GPS satellite signals get messed up around tall buildings, multiple wifi connections and networks, and many GPS applications.

Inaccurate GPS
Inaccuracies and gaps in recordings due to a weak or lost GPS signal.

Many ride-sharing applications are using similar GPS method of calculation of fares. But it seems that GPS doesn’t accurately calculate the distance travelled.

In many countries, the government has already asked taxi aggregators to start calculating fares using taximeters rather than GPS as they are doing now. The reasoning is that distance estimated by GPS is not accurate.

“We keep getting complaints of inaccuracies in the fare mechanism of these cab aggregators,” – the Indian road ministry said. “We have told both Ola and Uber during the recent meetings that they have to fix this problem immediately.”

Have a look at the receipts sent to me by Uber (yes, Uber faces this problem more often than you might think).

Note: the drop-off and pickup locations are the same.

Uber gaps while route creation

TaxiStartup new track processing algorithm detects and excludes any fallouts, thus improving distance estimation accuracy and fare calculation.

Inaccuracies and gaps in route

When the GPS signal is lost or weak, gaps may occur. On this screenshot, gaps in recordings are displayed in red.

2. New Vehicle Types

In case you are looking into business diversification and service types expansion, we have added new vehicle classes – electric car, small and industrial tow trucks.

Thus, you can choose between 37 vehicle types or offer them all!

New service types

Note: configure whether a service is available for a booking up to 30 days in advance.

Should you need a vehicle type that is not supported yet you can request it here.

3. Persian and Khmer Languages

The dispatch and company panels, as well as driver and passenger applications, now support Persian and Khmer languages.

new languages

4. Accept Payments with PayU

TaxiStartup platform supports a new payment gateway – PayU. Now passengers in Latin America will be able to pay for a ride with one click.

new payment gateway - PayU

The service is available for clients living in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, México, Panamá & Perú. Order a white label passenger or driver application and get PayU integration with zero setup and maintenance fee.

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