Launching Strategy: 3 Steps to Kickstart Your Business

Natalia Korol
Jul 27, 2016

In the world of marketing, there’s no shortage of acquisition strategies designed to attract new audience at launching. In this post I’d like to share 3 effective steps to build buzz for your company at no cost and move forward efficiently.

Launching strategy

1. Start ad campaigns in the channels where your audience hangout

Facebook is the most popular social network in the world. It has 1.65 billion monthly active users, 66% of whom log in on a daily basis. With such user base, ignoring this platform would be a mistake.

Targeted Facebook Advertising

Facebook advertising platform is flexible. It has enough marketing options that you can tailor your marketing efforts to fit your company and your budget. Facebook allows you to specify the type of people you’re looking for. Basically, you can target anything you might find in their profiles: location, demographics, interests. You might start with the location – specify either city, county, or state. This works particularly well for local businesses.
Why is this Important?
Instead of lumping all people, you can reach the relevant audience for your needs.

You can create ads that direct to your Facebook page, website or send people to the store where they can download your app. We recommend you creating ads for mobile app installs and app engagement.

Facebook ads

Customize Your Ads

Better-targeted ads gain better results. It may be reasonable to use to create inexpensive visually appealing ads for as low as $5.

2. Take advantage of the referral programs

After you have settled the advertising, it is time to organize a referral campaign. The business is unlikely to become a success until potential customers know about it. Nothing works better than the “word of mouth” tactic, so make sure you learn who your target audience is and actively start promoting, by setting up the referral campaign.

As an example, you may start 2 programs while launching:
– Provide free rides to passengers on launching;
– Provide rides with special discounts;
Ok, the program is configured. Now it’s time to spread the coupons.
Where to Promote the Coupons?

Offline Promotion

Offline promotion

Spreading promo codes among instagram followers

If you provide a high-class service, the coupons value can be higher. But free rides shouldn’t be an act of charity to win people’s hearts. Be creative when thinking about early adopters. For example, getting audience in technology events can raise awareness, as tech gurus are the ones sharing their loves and hates through blogs and social media.

Sharing Coupons Online

In case of middle-class customers, the promo codes can be promoted at local bars, restaurants, colleges, grocery stores, hospitals and so on.

Online promotion

Mind that our system gives customers an opportunity to share the promo code via viral sharing that exists within the passenger’s app.

Referral rewards can contribute significantly to sustainable, long-term growth. But while launching, to make certain actions outside of the app in order to get people to share and talk about your service is also critical.


Another way of promoting a mobile app referral program is by sending a round of SMS to your registered users and updating them about the app’s ‘invite and earn’ program.

3. Use clever PR to launch your new product

The next big step is to make your company recognizable, reaching even wider range of audience. The key is PR in local media.

The media often publishes for free, as they are constantly looking for local news, especially if you have a good reason for it. The only thing you need a PR manager with established connections in the media to spread it.

– Find a PR manager with established contacts in local media.
– Prepare an effective press release with the help of your PR manager and send it out to the local online media.

Start working with the media in advance, so they know who you are. And on the launch day you will receive coverage.

The Bottom Line: Plan Your Marketing Activities

There is no silver bullet for a kick-start promotion but the point is that you need to think through your launch. Deliberately plan what information you’re going to share, who you want talking about you, and how you can turn your promo into something worth talking about.

No, you may not have the department of marketers, but you can plan a launch that will impress people, even if the only person working on it is you.