Limited Dispatch Panel Meets Your Local Government Requirements

Natalia Korol
Jul 06, 2016

We have received several similar inquiries from our customers throughout the world. So we have recently added a new type of dispatch display – limited access dispatch.


Want to Be in Compliance with the Local Laws?

Most countries have their own specific rules and regulations governing the driving of a taxi, and operation of a taxi business. In some cities the governmental authorities (transport ministry, other regulating institutions) require to track the drivers and their details. So the taxi company owner needs a dispatch panel that can only show the drivers on the map, no orders history, only drivers and their details.

It can be also called a ready-made government solution since in some cases in order to acquire the license for a taxi business, the inspectors should be able to access the dispatch any time and check how many cars are online.

How to limit the dispatch access:
1. Navigate to your company panel:;
2. Choose ‘Dispatchers’ tab;
3. Click ‘Add dispatcher’ button and fill in the ‘Email’ and ‘Dispatcher Name’ fields;
4. Tick the ‘Don’t show other dispatchers orders’ box;
5. Click ‘Save’ button and enjoy

DispatchsetupLimited dispatch panel set up

The dispatcher with the limited access is able to see only fleet on the map and its status: number of available, busy and online cars.

Limited_dispatch_overviewLimited dispatch panel overview

Generate More Orders for International Travel agencies and Hotel Chains

Limited dispatch can be a great solution for hotel chains and international travel agencies, allowing to create orders for various customers phones. Then with the activated SMS notification service, the clients will receive the app link and order status. The SMS notification can be configured in the company panel, as an additional service.

Webdesk – is a limited variant of such dispatch, as it creates all the orders connected to one phone number (for example, the hotel, restaurant, etc.) and doesn’t notify the client.