Our Team is Going to TNW Latin America in São Paulo, Brasil

Eugene Suslo
Aug 23, 2013

That’s right!

While exploring the new markets Marcos and I are heading to São Paulo in Brasil to try original caipirinhas as well as to get acquainted with the way business is done there (read: more caipirinhas), and of cause to take part in TNW Latin America Conference, that will take place on August 28-29. If you don’t know what is TNW check this link. There is going to be a lot of tech and entrepreneurship influencers from Brazil, neighbouring countries and States. So it is well worth the time and money spent.

We gonna be presenting TaxiStartup, Saytaxi – the global taxi network, as well as Chauffy – the global private chauffeur network.

If you have a chance come meet us there, there is going to be a TaxiStartup stand on Wednesday, August 28, otherwise we gonna hang out in São Paulo all next week, so give me a shout on eugene@taxistartup.com and let’s arrange a meeting.

Boa noite!