Release 0.20.1 Heat Wave

Julia Alexeenko
Aug 10, 2018

Our Release 0.20 is here! It comes with all the new features giving you the business advantages you were dreaming of😼

Apps now look awesome on iPhone X

We’ve thought, why not? And then our iOS developers have made iPhone X UI-support for both Driver and Passenger apps. Enjoy it, iOS crowd!

taxi dispatch system taxi dispatch system

New Dispatch panel features

Complete GPS tracks for orders

Back in the days, we were only able to show order tracks drawn by Google maps. Since today, it’s possible to track a trip as it really is — next to the “ideal” GPS track! Every tiny moment the exact location of a driver is marked on the map. This way we provide you with more control over driver efficiency: because it’s crucial for your business👀
taxi dispatch system

Drivers nearby on the map when creating an order

Optimize the workflow for your dispatchers is our top priority. From now on, all the available drivers of a chosen service type near a pickup location are shown on the map. Less time spent on figuring out which driver will be the best match for an order. Plus, if you click the driver’s pin, the driver’s details will be filled in automatically. Yes, we love to save your time!
taxi dispatch system

Updated pins in Booking history

Now a dispatch operator can view two types of drop-off pins for Cancelled orders: one of the driver (where the driver has finished the trip) and one of the passenger (where the passenger has finished the trip). Analysing these drop-offs will help you to improve the quality of services.
taxi dispatch system

New Search orders options

Namely, now one can search for an order by driver’s phone and board number in the Dispatch, next to searching by an order ID and passenger’s data. One-click access to all orders processed by a driver — it’s basically a visualisation of a driver’s performance💪
taxi dispatch system

Coupon discount visible in Trip summary

Now dispatchers are able to view how much of a completed order was paid with a coupon. It’s now visible why the end price can differ from the amount of money paid by a customer.
taxi dispatch system

New preorders type

We’ve got two types of statuses for preorders: those sent out to drivers instantly, and those sent out in two hours before the trip. Now dispatch operators know exactly why some orders are not assigned immediately.
taxi dispatch system

Facebook SDK

For those keen on keeping track of their business development, we’ve enriched our Facebook SDK integration with new event types. Before Release 20.0, you were able to track

  • App install — user installs the app;
  • App launch — user opens the app.

Now, you can also track other important events:

  • Sign up for the app — user gets registered in the app;
  • Booking confirmed — user books the services;
  • Order cancelled — user cancels an order;
  • Trip paid — user proceeds a payment for an order;
  • Card added — user ties up a credit card to their account.

Do you use Facebook Analytics already? Believe us, you should. Keeping track of the app events helps to evaluate the business growth, allows staying relevant for the customers and attracting new audiences.
taxi dispatch system
white label mobile app

Company panel

Minimum driver balance option

From now on, you can set a minimum driver balance amount for taking jobs. The drivers who didn’t manage to top up their balance in time won’t be disconnected immediately. They will be still able to take jobs — until they reach the negative limit you’ve set. No more problem with too many disconnected drivers!

You can switch this feature off if there’s no need in it🙌
white label mobile app

Custom “Any nearest driver” service type option

Ever had a problem with dispatchers always automatically clicking “Any nearest driver” — and clients who were not happy with a service type they’ve got? Now you can hide this button and oblige the dispatchers to choose the service type requested. Set up in just two clicks in Operator settings in your Company panel.
white label mobile app
white label mobile app

New Google Maps looks in all apps

Google was begging us to implement their new Maps design in our apps. We’ve said, “Okay, Google”. Now the maps look much, much better.

Working with images quicker and better

As sometimes all our apps need to take pictures, now it’s possible to work with them without leaving the app. If a driver or a passenger need to crop an image, it can be done quicker than finding ✂️ on emoji-keyboard!

Driver app gets some new features…

Tips and extras visible in Job details

After a job is finished, the total bill is detailed. Just good to know such things!
white label mobile app

Disabling expired credit cards

If driver’s credit card is expired, it’s hidden in the account. We’re planning to make this feature more stunning in the next release.

… And Passenger app stays fabulous

Like, this level of fabulous:
taxi dispatch system

Final status of the trip in Recent orders

Now the passengers will see the amount of the trips finished, paid or cancelled — and the prices paid.
white label mobile app

Coupon discount shown for Future and Recent orders

Now passengers can know exactly what the coupon discount was. It’s not mind-blowing, but always good for budget overviews.

Vehicle color visible to passengers

We’ve hired a new designer. He’s an awesome, brilliant guy and he loves to fire great ideas right away. So he’s made it possible for passengers to see the real color of the vehicle for both Future orders and Recent orders. And he’s planning to do much more!
white label mobile app

And more!

  • The possibility of cashless payments is important for any business, big or growing. With this release, we’ve got our clients covered in Belarus. Bepaid is there🎉
  • We’ve fixed numbers in Arabic localization.
  • Now the apps are working in Ukrainian, Urdu, and Serbian
  • We’ve improved default colors for service types in Dispatch and Company panel.
  • We’ve highlighted selected tab in Dispatch. Yep, our new designer is young and furious!

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