REFLECTION — Release 0.24.0101

Dasha Skorinko
Jan 31, 2019


The new TaxiStartup release brings you a bunch of cool features for Driver and Passenger applications. Can’t wait to test all the new features and updates? Well, we understand you … but first things first!

Driver App

We’re striving to become more effective and versatile all the time. From now on, all our apps will use less traffic than ever before. It gives you lighter, easier and faster to download and use apps. We’re doing everything (im)possible to save your device memory and nerves – we know how annoying it is when the app is downloading for ages!

Passenger App

What is splash screens?
A splash screen appears just after you’ve started an app, and you see it while the app is launching. Our goal is to improve user experience and make using an app pleasant and user-friendly.

We’ve improved splash screens for Android – now you can add any pictures or logos, not only create colored screens.

If you have the latest iPhones XS Max and XR, don’t worry, you can now enjoy splash screen feature on your brand new device too.

Newly added Facebook SDK metrics and events

Integrated with TaxiStartup apps a while ago, Facebook Analytics (software development kit, SDK) allows tracking events that keep your business up and running

After release 20.0, you can track more important events. Based on the riders actions in the taxi app, there are following events and metrics based on them that you can monitor right now:

  • App install — user installs the app.
  • App launch — user opens the app.
  • Sign up for the app — user gets registered in the app.
  • Booking confirmed — user books the services.
  • Order cancelled — user cancels an order.
  • Trip paid — user proceeds a payment for an order.
  • Card added — user ties up a credit card to their account.

From now on, trip paid is classified as a default purchase event that adds up to the Revenue and Lifetime value reports.

And even more with this update, you will easily answer a question that is of a great interest for every businessman – “For every dollar I spend on ads, how much will I get back?”. So basically it allows you to see how much every ride costs and measure your Facebook return on every dollar spent on ad.
Now you can also use new set of metrics: Monetization Metrics showing Lifetime Value for Paying users and Revenue reports. It also includes the metrics of Repeat Purchases which might be of a great use for analyzing customer behaviour.

Revenue Tab
Lifetime Value Tab

Now you can see the Lifetime Value report either for all users or only for paying ones. LTV report can give you better understanding of the value of your customers.

Lifetime Value is an essential metrics for evaluating the net profit you might get from this particular user. It helps you to analyze such factors as how much a customers spends on every purchase, the potential length of your relationship, etc.

Do you wanna be the first to try out the new updated features and metrics? Hurry up, they are waiting for you:)