Custom-Tailored Payment Service for Passengers in Mexico

Natalia Korol
May 04, 2017

Mobile payments are finally going mainstream. The TaxiStartup platform has integrated multiple local and international payment gateways offering passengers to use their smartphones & credit/debit cards to pay for taxis. Hyper Pay, Stripe, Braintree, to name a few.

Remember, earlier this year we’ve extended the list of countries in Latin America to support credit card payments via PayU. However, simple integration doesn’t work for all Latam countries.

What about PayU payment gateway in Mexico?

One of our clients in Mexico needed a payment gateway that would work for its customers. They have just migrated from another taxi platform and applied to us asking for a solution to offer their passengers pay for the ride with a smartphone via the booking app.

However, where there’s money, there’s fraud. The truth is that every day online payment gateways seek new alternatives to ensure the protection of their payers. PayU Latam validates the transaction information through their own anti-fraud system. For example, the info provided by the client in Brazil may not be enough to proceed the payment in Mexico. A payer can be required to enter a personal ID, date of birth, address, etc. for fraud prevention.

According to the official PayU Latam representative, the more information they get from the payer, the better the anti-fraud module detects possible attacks. It’s important since Mexico is a country with the high level of credit card fraud.

On the application’s side, it was critical for our client that the app’s user interface (UI) wasn’t overloaded, making it annoying to add extra info for security reasons.


Gaining clients with an integration that works, finally!

We are all for the passenger has a great user experience while adding a credit/debit card to his app account.

In collaboration with the PayU gateway, the TaxiStartup team has found the way to provide extra info for fraud prevention algorithms without a need for a passenger to fill in additional tabs every time a payment is done.


PayU is a verified, custom-tailored payment service for passengers in Mexico. Every day we’re collecting constructive feedback from company owners and prioritising their feedback in upcoming versions.

Have a question or want to request a payment gateway integration? Send us an email at and let us know! We listen 🙂