Spring 0.19.6 release is coming with action pins on the city map

Dasha Skorinko
Mar 22, 2018

Hey hey! The spring is rolling out the leaves, and we are rolling out a new release for you! In the new 0.19.6 release, we’ve brought to life the functions in our taxi dispatch system you were asking for. With it, you’re getting some cool functionalities in dispatch panel and (surprise!) some driver app features you really needed.

Learn all the trip details at a glance

From now and on, your dispatchers can see all the important actions within an order right on the city map. We’ve come up with some pins to help you see the whole booking history and driver track.

This is how these pins are displayed in the booking history

Booking history with action pins TaxiStartup

and on the map, you’ll see the route with those pins

Driver route with action pins in our taxi dispatch system

They simplify the process of trip analysis and show if the real drop off differs from the initially chosen drop off pin on the map. This information allows your operators checking the orders with the wrong drop off and understanding why this happens.

Another good piece of news is that by clicking on the text or icon in the booking history, you jump to the corresponding action on the map. You get the details (like the time when trip started or the final address) by hovering over one of the pins: this speeds up your dispatcher’s work a lot!

Passenger rating is back!

We know: for many of you, it’s really important to know the passenger rating for resolving some contradictional cases.

In this release, this helpful feature is back. Now your drivers can rate a passenger via the app after the ride is finished:

Rating passenger via driver app

As a result, business managers can check the passenger rating to make the right decision in any conflict situation. Everything is clear and fair 😎

Hide or show passenger details for pre-orders. You decide!

In 0.19.6 Release, we bring back the possibility to see passenger details before pre-order starts. Still, now it’s an optional feature. You can choose it in your company panel in the general setting of a service type.

Passenger details in pre-orders

Your drivers can also decide if they need these data or not, and hide it if it’s unnecessary by clicking on the “Trip” button.

Pre-order details in TaxiStartup driver app

Very often, the details about a passenger help your drivers understand if they can accept an order. Say, some passengers have kids and need a child safety seat, others want to travel together with their pets. In such cases, drivers need to be prepared to take an order. Other info (like the drop off point) helps to improve the service and allows drivers to plan their working day.

Copy your order ID in one click

Order ID lets your dispatchers quickly check the information about any trip. Instead of typing this long number in, your operators can easily copy it by clicking on a new button “Get ID” and look for its details in their panel. Dealing with complaints and controversial fares becomes even easier!💪

Copy your order ID in one click with our taxi dispatch system

See the payment method really quickly

Want to know what payment method a passenger used? Card, cash, terminal? Here we go! Now, your operator managers can check it via the taxi dispatch system. The information is shown just next to the final trip cost.

Payment method in the taxi dispatch panel

Freedom of cost display choice in driver app

Good news! We now display an estimated or fixed trip cost in driver app! Having the information about estimated job cost before the trip, a driver can make a quicker decision to accept an order. On the other hand, you may decide to choose for showing only the fixed cost at the end of the trip — so that your drivers make as many trips per day as possible! Now that’s what we call the freedom of choice!

Cost of a trip in driver app

Please remember: you choose to decide whether your drivers see the trip cost before, during or after the trip. It depends on your company policy and priorities. Everything can be set up in the company panel.

Driver cost time

Every new update simplifies the process of business management. This release is no exception! Tracking orders, analyzing them and making the changes needed is even easier now. On the top of that, the driver app regained its former power so that you can substantially grow your revenue😏

Any questions so far? Feel free to ask them in comments! We’re there to help you😉