TaxiStartup Expands Partnership with MercadoPago Offering Credit and Debit Cards Payments in Latin America

Natalia Korol
Jun 27, 2017

Once we have introduced а payment gateway for Latin America, we realised the boost in credit cards payments via passenger apps and an increased demand for custom-tailored solutions in particular countries from company owners.

TaxiStartup + MercadoPago = Cashless payments via the booking app

TaxiStartup not only integrates third party solutions, it customises them to make it fast and easy for passengers and drivers to make a payment, without filling in extra tabs for security reasons and overloading user interface.

Card Fraud Rates by Country

Rates of fraud vary across countries but in Latin American countries like Mexico the problem is much more prolific.

The report from Aite Group and ACI Worldwide, which surveyed over 5,000 consumers in 17 countries, notes that Mexico has the highest rates with 37% of respondents experiencing credit card fraud. For example, in the Netherlands, only 8% of consumers reported the same.

When it comes to debit card fraud, Mexico comes in the first place with 25% of consumers there reporting fraud in the last five years. That’s ahead of 24% in China, 21% in India, and 20% in the U.S.

Card Fraud Rates by Country

That being said, the time has come to give even more payment solutions for Latin America.

TaxiStartup expands partnership with the largest payment gateway in Latin America MercadoPago to provide credit and debit cards payments in Latin America.

In collaboration with the MercadoPago team, TaxiStartup has made cashless payments via the booking app fast, easy and smooth.

About MercadoPago

MercadoPago is the leading online payment solution in Latin America, with 126.7 million registered users on its platform. It was launched in 2004 and has operations in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Uruguay and Venezuela. The headquarters is located in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Supported Countries

Currently, companies from México, Argentina, Brazil and Uruguay can offer their clients to pay for the ride with a smartphone using MercadoPago merchant.

The Bottom Line

Alternatively, or if the above payment gateway doesn’t work for you, you can оffer passengers to use their smartphones to pay for taxis via PayU payment gateway.

If none of these services available in your country, it is still possible to receive credit/debit cards payments from your passengers and drivers via Express Merchant Account by TaxiStartup.

Have a question? Just leave a comment below. If you want to activate MercadoPago payment gateway please send us an email at, our tech team will help you with the setup and configuration.