TaxiStartup’s Biggest Update Yet

Natalia Korol
May 02, 2017

Good news! A shiny new version of TaxiStartup platform is emerging from the long winter hibernation!


We’ve been hard at work since our tracking algorithm update, just in time to gift you an even better experience on iOS and Android booking apps for the upcoming high season.

However, this release is different. Why? Well because you will notice many visual updates when you log in into your company panel, driver and even passenger apps.

There are some powerful, new updates that will be game-changers for the smart marketers who take advantage of them.

Map with real-time drivers on the first screen

We’re also spreading the cheer for passenger users with seeing drivers on the map.

Passenger apps display an actual map with drivers in your area moving around in real-time. That should make it a bit easier to decide whether taking a cab is the best option for getting where you need.

Here’s a comparison of the old and new designs:

Driver search visualisation

Unlike Uber app that shows you a horde of available cars but when it comes to ordering it quotes you a long wait time for a ride, the TaxiStartup app’s map activity correlates well with reality.We have visualised the search distribution between drivers on the map.

How it works

On confirming the booking, the app shows the passenger a map with available cars in the given radius. The passenger can see the order requests sent by the application to each driver and its status: green – pending request, yellow – bidding. More info about job distribution logic can be found in our knowledge base.

Cross driver credit transfer

One of the top requests we get is for transferring money between drivers on mobile. So, dear partners, your wish is now granted! Your drivers can send credits from their account to their friend’s straight from the driver app.

As we know, many drivers have their own clients preferring to call them directly to get a cab. It may happen that the driver can not accept the job because he is on another ride or the client’s pick up location is too far from the driver’s.

Now with the credit transfer feature, a driver can send the job he can not take to his fellow driver and get a commission for that!

The drivers are able to send credits from their account to their friend’s right in the driver application with just a button click. All they need is enter the recipient’s plate or mobile phone number, specify the amount and tap ‘Send’.
The drivers can see all transactions as well as the amount of sent credit in the transactions history in the app.

The benefit is evident: drivers receive more orders, the company owner attracts more drivers. As simple as that!
Important: this feature is optional and can be turned on in the Company panel > Driver Settings.

Even smaller driver operation area

Adjustable driver’s working radius allows drivers to set up a working area the driver is willing to get jobs from right from the driver app. In the latest version, the minimum value has been reduced from 0.5km to 0.1km.

This can be a great solution for clients operating on small islands like Bali or Maldives with the territory radius of e.g. 500m – 5 km.

min working radius

Trips history

Both passenger and driver apps are now featuring a full tips history with an easy navigation interface and trip details.


Payments report

Reduce manual work and save time by analysing drivers top-ups and passengers payments made within a given period of time. The Company panel now has a new ‘Payments report’, where all driver’s top-ups and passenger’s payments for orders are listed. The greatest part about the payment analysis applied in this report is that the data is sorted by payment mode (cash/card), payer type, etc.

To download the report, navigate to Company panel > Reports > Payments report.


Localisation in Web Desk

We’ve also added some nice touches to the web desk. If you’re using a web desk solution to handle your online booking 24/7 you will be pleased to know that your online booking tool can be localised in any language. Now English is used as a default language.

Updated design in Dispatch Panel


In our newest dispatch panel, we’ve added a simple way for operators to find a particular driver by name or board number. More importantly, now the operator can see the trip estimation and set a special cost.

What else is coming in v.0.17

HyperPay payment gateway integration

Offer passengers to use their smartphones & credit/debit cards to pay for taxis via Hyper Pay payment gateway. Available for clients in Saudi Arabia, UAE, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon.

TaxiStartup extends the list of countries to support PayU

Earlier we provided this possibility to passengers in Latin America, today we have extended the list of countries to Turkey, Hungary, Romania and Russia. Read more here.

10 new languages

The dispatch, company panel and apps speak 10 new languages. Your clients can now book a cab in French, Vietnamese, Thai, Chinese, Malay, Danish, Polish, Czech, Portuguese, and Arabic.

Drop off location in the trip summary emails

Open and view a route map from the trip summary email sent right at the end of the trip. The route is shown in full even when the drop off location was not specified while ordering the trip via a passenger app.

Integration with wasl

TaxiStartup has integrated with wasl – the government system in Saudi Arabia, becoming one of the first taxi platforms to help security authorities identify taxi drivers and get information on their trips.


At this time of year, it’s especially important that you and your passengers can stay connected. This new release opens a wide range of new possibilities and I hope you’ll be able to get a tonne of value from it.

If you want to chat about these new features and how they can help you, just leave a comment below.