Turn Your Website into a Perfect Reservation Tool

Natalia Korol
Jul 12, 2016

Web desk solution – is a website page where to order a taxi simply click a button. Place it on the web site, and it will handle your online booking 24/7.

The key benefits are the following:

– Open 24/7 to receive reservations;
– Commission free;
– It’’s simply a good customer service;
– Minimizes your workload;
– Works on computers, smartphones and other gadgets.

You can place the web desk on your own web site or partner with the major local portals and implement it there. From our experience it has been useful for restaurants, travel agencies and hotel chains. TaxiStartup team has taken into account all the customers reviews and requests. We are excited to present our new redesigned and upgraded reservation solution, merged from web desk and web booking form.

Web Desk Features:

1) Enjoy the Improved UI

A better user experience with smoother scrolling and navigation.

2) Change the Pick-Up Location

Geo location
The web booking form will auto detect your location within 5 sec.
Multiple pickup locations
In case there is a necessity to book a ride for the client from a different location than you have set up on the web desk. You can also specify another one by typing the required address. E.g. there is a need to pick up the customer at the airport or any other location.
Custom place name
Now there is an ability to edit the pick up location name and add it to favourites by clicking on the star icon.

Web booking fav

3) See the History of Orders

– The details of each order can be viewed in the form;
– The orders are enhanced with the trip map and order status;
– Each order will show the route on the map, the status, the vehicle type, notes to driver, etc.

Order Status1

4) Organize Pre-Booking

It is now possible to pre book a ride. In today’s streaming world it is so convenient to plan and arrange in advance and not to worry about it at last minute. You can also do it up to 30 days in advance.


5) Set up Any Service Type

The webdesk supports all service types created in your company panel including hourly service. For example, if you make an order via webdesk it will show you price per hour if you choose an hourly rate.

6) See the Display of Vehicle Classes and Pricing

Want to have a range of vehicle classes for your choice? We have made it possible. Classic, courrier, helicopter – pick any suitable one for you.

The upgraded web desk will also show you the approximate pricing and rates.


7) Enjoy Live Tracking

Each order shows the live tracking of the driver’s position.

8) Time and Distance of the Indicated Destination

The map shows the route, time and exact distance for your comfort.


9) Experience Rapid Registration

The registration process won’t take you more than 1 minute. Simply specify the phone number and then enter the confirmation code received via SMS. That’s it. You are ready to book a ride.

10) Edit Your Profile Information

Upload an image illustrating the pick-up location and put in the name.

Place name
In order to place it on your website and get it set up, please see the following instructions in TaxiStartup knowledge base.