Manage orders with Dispatch Panel


Beautiful, simple yet functional design. All your orders are in one place, listed and sorted by relevancy. That helps your operators provide a quicker more efficient service. We spent a lot of efforts to make address search work as a swiss clock. As in any dispatch service there is keyboard navigation and phone line integration. Worldwide geo-coding is only available in our taxi software.

Automated dispatch with Driver App


Having the driver app your drivers will be able to receive clear visible orders with the most important data right on the screen. This allows a driver to analyse an order in a few seconds and approve or reject it right away. We show passenger location on the map and navigate a driver through every point in the route. Any android smartphone or tablet can be used to run the app, which helps you to attract more drivers.

Book and pre-book with an app


Offering your customers a possibility to book a taxi in few click with our passenger app means staying competitive and attractive for progressive population. Drive your sales with this tool and stay ahead of your competition. In no time every person will have a smartphone. It’s all about apps, and taxi is not an exception.