4 Steps To Out Hustle Uber In Your Market

Eugene Suslo
Aug 25, 2015



“Things may come to those who wait, but only the things left by those who hustle.” – Abraham Lincoln


As we continue our discussion on building business and rebranding the Taxi industry, it is time to begin discussing topics which will begin increasing your sales today. There are tips and tricks to start building your business, because knowing where to start tends to be the most difficult.

As we look at a problem, the more we analyse the problem, the bigger it seems. This is why you always want to break a problem down into its simplest forms and start with actions you can easily do today. The worst thing you can do when tackling a large problem is trying to do everything at once. This is why we are laying out four suggestions to begin building your business today. Four relatively easy activities, that each week for the next month, you can focus on one activity to increase your business. The four areas to begin building your market and implementing your business strategy are as follows:

Build Partnerships

To begin growing your market, a great place to start is to create partnerships. Partnerships can be developed with anybody, but the concept is: “the more the merrier.” Rather than suggest just forming partnerships, lets be more specific. Specific in taking a look at your market, who you want your target customer to be, and provide an example so you can begin building a partnership today.

Do you want your customer to be the business traveler at the airport, or possibly the Taxi that gets called to take people home from the bars? Whichever your target customer is, you want to focus on that customer. For this example, lets go with taking people home from the bars as your target market. In this example over the course of a week, approach a number of bars and restaurants that you can form a valuable partnership with. Make the goal of the partnership be, that you are their dedicated fleet for Friday and Saturday night. Not only is this valuable to your business, but also for the bar and restaurant. The bar or restaurant you partner with now has a partner they can rely upon to take their customers home at the end of the night.

Do you already do this? Then expand your partners and add one or two more bars or restaurants to your route. The most valuable business is always in the ability to gain repeat business from a customer.

In your first week growing your local market, try and get a new business partnership. It does not need to be exclusive at the beginning, but just a commitment to give you the call when there are customers who need a taxi.

Start An Email List

Begin an email list. Building an email list is all the rage right now, but the power of a list is impressive. There is a reason why stores like Nordstrom’s send numerous time sensitive emails everyday. Why? Because it works.

It is very easy to begin an email list. It does not need to be fancy, but you also do not want to be viewed as spam. If you do not know where to begin, then you can start by sending an introduction email to all the contacts you have. Alert them that you are beginning an email list and would love it if they would opt in. A word of caution is that you will want to build this organically and with people opting into the email, not sending it out and saying unsubscribe if they do not want updates.

What should you send in your email? There are unlimited options, but the best is to begin by sending a weekly review of restaurants you like to visit in your local market. You can discuss the best things about that restaurant, prices, and any must have dishes. When you move through restaurants you can discuss activities and facts about your city as well. Make sure these are topics that interest you, so you stick with the emails and create consistent high quality information.

Make It Easy

There are plenty of companies around that do what you do. Whether this is Taxi’s, Taxi Apps, or any other startup. For this reason, make it easy to use your service so customers have a chance to see the value and competitive advantage you bring.

The ease of use is very important. This is where Uber has dominated the market and you can as well. You want it to be easy for customers to pay you, call you, as well as ask for tips about your city. If you do know what would make your service easier to use, ask a customer what would make taking a taxi in your city easier. With the information you receive, you can begin to adopt the suggestions.

Bring Value

Value is an extremely important concept in business. I believe that customers do not buy based on features and benefits. They buy on value, and I believe value is how you solve a customers problems. In short, it is a solution. So provide a value add to your customers.

What is an easy way to accomplish this task? For beginners, offer a bottle of water to all your customers. This is an easy and nice gesture. Seeing as we are in the heat of the summer months, it may be a nice and refreshing addition. Additionally, if your target audience is the bar crowd, this could be what your customers are looking for after a long night of drinking.

Beginning a new set of business tactics is not always easy, and the first step is the most difficult. Here at TaxiStartup we hope you can use these tips to begin increasing business. Also, we hope they are simple enough to implement that you can stick with them and create consistency. Utilise these tactics to continue to building your brand and growing your market.