Driver billing and other exciting things in release 0.9.7

Eugene Suslo
Mar 02, 2015

Release 0.9

Hi there,

As promised, the new release 0.9.7 is now out. Please keep in mind that all drivers have to update their apps to the latest version. They will get a notification on their smartphones when they try to use the app. The current version of the app will no longer work. It can naturally be updated on App Store and Google Play.

Now, before going into the details of this update I would like to announce that we are working on an extended news blog to deliver the latest and unique updates from the industry. We would like to have your input on the topics we should cover there. Follow this link to leave your ideas and suggestions.

Ok, back to the new features…

1. Driver billing

Every driver in the system now gets an account with the balance. You can put your drivers on a monthly or per-order based subscriptions. A driver on a monthly subscription will be charged every 30 days from his balance. If a driver is set on per-order based subscription, his balance will be charged every time he takes a job. You can also combine monthly and per-order in one subscription.

Drivers can top up their account right from the driver app via credit card payment on your merchant account, or they can bring cash to the office and a company administrator can top up their balance manually from the Company Panel. Drivers can also be given some amount of trial “free” jobs, which is a great tool for drivers to try the service without paying a dime. Once driver’s balance is negative he will still receive jobs, but will not be able to take them. Please note, a driver will only see the “Credit” option in the side menu if he has a subscription.

You can add new driver subscriptions from “Driver” tab in Company Panel by following “Manage driver subscriptions”:

Naturally you can put different drivers on different subscriptions.

You have probably noticed a line mentioning driver licenses. That basically means how many driver seats are included on your plan and how many have you bought additionally. More on that below.

2. Extended driver profiles

We have extended driver profiles, so you can now see the vehicle picture they have uploaded, snapshot of their driver’s license, their balance, all transactions on driver’s account and here you are able to top up or decrease driver’s balance:

3. Possibility to send scheduled jobs 2h before pickup time

You can now set the system to send our scheduled jobs to the drivers 2 hours before the pickup time. That works especially well when you can’t rely on drivers planning their time several days in advance. You can configure this option in the “Company” tab in the Company Panel.

4. Plans and Extra services

You can now manage your plan and subscription automatically from “Subscription” tab in the Company Panel. Your current plan is temporarily set to “Free Trial” and will be changed to your actual plan on the “Next billing date”. The “Next Plan” will reflect your actual plan during the course of this week.

Account Balance

Here you can see your account balance, top up, set auto top up and add/change payment method. Please make sure to set auto top up to keep your balance positive and don’t interrupt the operation of your service.


Shows the number of your driver seat licenses. If you are using all licenses you need to add more licenses to add more drivers.


We will add extra services here allowing you to pay only for what you actually use.

Current Plan

Here you can see your current plan, billing cycle and the next billing date. You can also view details and change this plan to another available.

Next Plan

In case you have chosen to switch to another plan that will be done automatically at the end of your billing cycle. You will see your next plan here along with all the details.


This tile shows all the transactions done under your account, so you can easily track how you’ve been charged and have all the tracks ready for your billing department.

I am really looking forward to what you will build with these new tools. The evolution of the industry is now inevitable!

Co-founder, Eugene Suslo