New release is out and it brings Analytical Reports, 3xSpeed and new Driver UI

Eugene Suslo
Dec 02, 2013


The new release is out and it brings a bunch of sweet features. One of them is Analytical Reports of your business. You get the raw data of every move in your company, isn’t it great? Push it to Excel, print or send over email, it’s all yours. Obviously in a later release you will get it with some nice graphs and tables, so you can see how your business is growing, find bottlenecks and act on them, but even now it is accessible from any place in the world and has all the information you need to take an action.

And that’s what you can do with them (or how they will look in the later releases):



Here is what you will see in the Company Panel:
Screenshot 2013-11-29 14.26.00


All reports are uploaded securely to your Google Drive. You own them.

Screenshot 2013-11-29 15.15.23

Besides that, we have improved a Driver App UI, so now you can toggle to busy mode, while still be “on shift”, so dispatchers see you as busy and the system will know you’ll soon be able to take another customer.




We have also improved the backend logic, so now orders are created 3 times as fast and the system is generally more reliable after we fixed a real life issues with our early customers.



Let’s roll with a new features and take over the taxi industry. Evolution is in progress!


Eugene Suslo
Co-founder, Marketing Chief