Outbid by Uber

Eugene Suslo
Apr 11, 2013

April 2012, rushing up to release the first version of Taxistartup web page, copy-writing, final design approval, signup form, final arrangements for a video pitch, shooting and post production – all that had to be done before April 25th, that’s when The Next Web Conference has started in the capital city of Netherlands – beautiful Amsterdam. It has been exiting to prepare for it, it’s been exiting to participate and it’s been even more exiting to get on all those extra parties arranged around TNW, like The Pirate Dinner or the Yandex secret party. The atmosphere at TNW has worked as a great catalyst for our thoughts and decisions.




This year though a plan was to offer a taxi service to all the participants of this event, we would release a dedicated TNW apps and a taxi service would be provided by the unique electric taxis TAXI-E and the famous bike taxis wielertaxi.nl. But we haven’t been the only one who thought the same way. Uber with their huge venture resources took the same path and outbidded us this year, becoming an official TNW taxi service. While this was disappointing to hear, it is still a very important sign that we are on the right track. Let’s call it a validated assumption according to Lean methodology and move forward – there is an open space of opportunities out there!