TaxiStartup Is Rocking TNW USA Stage in New York

Eugene Suslo
Oct 10, 2013


Last week TaxiStartup team had a great time at The Next Web USA Conference in New York. It took a bit of a trip to get here, and that’s not only a 10h flight, but also a lot of efforts to win the place on the stage.

We have a great vision how our product can improve our customers’ businesses and I has been a great honour to share that vision with the jury and the rest of participants. It is our goal to help our customers to top up their service using the best technology available on the market, and that generous goal is driving us forward, helps us being efficient and quick.

It is amazing how market is changing so quickly and so should we and our partners. Getting anywhere in New York has never been so easy like now with taxi and black car apps, yet still 95% of the industry stays traditional. It’s our aim to change that and help our customers to overcome the barriers they are facing to move to the new technology. It is almost essential in order to compete the new app services and TaxiStartup solution is ready to BOOM the industry.

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Right there we have a birth to a new brand – meet CHAUFFY – your personal chauffeur. CHAUFFY is a network of private hire, limo, black car companies working under one brand globally, benefiting from a world-known name and international customers holding a CHAUFFY app and enjoying a great service. It is a network of drivers committed to serving their customers and getting a good pay back. Join the movement on! We are launching the service soon!

Check out the CHAUFFY commercial:


A lesson that we learned from the conference is to be more efficient, move faster and deliver on the features requested by the customers. That is our focus for the rest of 2013. Get ready guys, it’s getting more and more exiting!

Always contact us for any questions and requests you might have. We are here for you.