TaxiStarup’s amazing trip to TNW in Brazil

Eugene Suslo
Sep 07, 2013




Last week something amazing has happened, though it’s been a bit far away to notice. On the other side of the globe to be precise (right, precise). The Next Web Latin America united tech elite from the region and outside in Sao Paulo, Brazil and gave then lots of opportunities to get to know each other (that’s including unlimited Stella Artois and caipirinhas supply and the closing mega party). For sure our industry leading alfa crew could not miss such an event! So we took a short 15h flight and were surprised that there are no monkeys or bananas hanging on the streets of São Paulo, instead however we discovered a large business segment, rapidly developing economy, 35.000 taxis with the best drivers in the world (not kidding) and armoured cars. That’s right, actually a short supply of those. And when I say best taxi drivers, I mean no one even tries to cheat, all have taximeters and max 5 year-old cars, everyone was glad to be part of our Saytaxi commercial and asked to send a link, and when our driver lost a way he told us it’s a free ride – 0, zip, no money. WHAT?? Still can’t believe that.. We had to force him to take money leave some money on the back seats.

That has been a blast! It was good to have a spanish speaking member (aka “alfa male”) on board, since no one outside TNW could speak or understand English. I don’t know how different Spanish and Portuguese are, but it worked, Markus pitched it all to taxi companies, drivers, waiters, ladies and clerks like a boss.

Overall the conference was less massive than it is in Europe, but nevertheless Patrick and Boris, the co-founders, attracted representatives from the most venture funds and accelerators in LATAM. Good job! Brazil is actually doing it right. The government decided to develop a tech startup environment, but instead of spending the money themselves they put venture funds, accelerators and incubators in charge. That sounds legit.

TaxiStartup has been selected by a secret jury as one of 4 leading companies to present on the stage! That has been a surprise and a trunk load of enthusiasm. Thanks TNW!


And, just to remind you guys, we are heading to TNW USA in New York on October 1-2 as the finalists of Startup Rally competition. Get ready folks, we are going to present something sweet!

So, drop me a mail on and let’s meet over there, chat and see where all the billions are hiding.





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