This is How You Give Customers What They Want

Eugene Suslo
Oct 06, 2015



Have you spoken to your customers lately?


I mean, have you really talked with them? This isn’t asking them about the whether or where they’re going, but why they chose to ride with you? Why did they choose a cab over a ride-sharing option?


If you don’t ask these critical questions, how will you ever know what your customer is thinking?


There are a million reasons why we don’t ask questions. A big one is sometimes we don’t want to hear the answer we already know is coming. Or, we just didn’t think about it. Or better yet, we were a bit scared it would be to personal or pushy.


Whatever the reason there is no reason not to ask. There have been books written about the power of asking. The point is, if you don’t ask you will never know, but we are not here to discuss the power of asking. We’re here to find out what our customers want, but asking just seems to be the easiest way. Although, even if you ask, you still may not know, because sometimes customers don’t know what they want. This is why researching your customers, understanding them, and interacting with them is so important.


So lets take a look at a few ways that you can begin to understand your customers.

 Ask Them

Asking your customer why they used your service is essential. Companies ask us all the time, “how did you hear about us?” This question allows companies to find out what marketing and advertising campaigns are most effective. This can be deployed in your own business. Begin asking why your customer chose to ride with you. This is a simple but powerful question, but the thing you want to know is what motivated this customer to act. Why choose you over someone else?


Ask the customer what they like or dislike about a Taxi, as well as Taxi’s in general. This goes back to doing our market research, and determining what to offer customers. They will tell you, which gives you an idea of where to start giving the customer what they want.

 See How They Purchase

Tracking how a customer shops is a good indicator of what they want. Customers can say anything, but what really speaks is their wallets. See where the customers spend their money. Do they take a ride-sharing company when fares are low and Taxis during surge pricing? This would tell you a customer is extremely price sensitive. Or, does a customer just want the most convenient ride possible, with mobile payment, no wait times, and a comfortable ride.


Watching purchase trends will give you insights into these actions; whether it is finding that the customer only rides with Taxis who have a Taxi App, or if they just go for the lowest price. Knowing the customer will allow you to choose whether you want them as a customer, as well as what to offer. Purchase patterns are a great indicator, and you can see this data in the world of Taxi App’s.

Stalk Them

Stalk your customers. I don’t mean follow them home late at night with heavy breathing. That is just creepy. I mean follow them for long periods on social media, or if they have a blog. Find out what they are doing and what makes them tick. These are all ways to further your understanding of your customer.


Your stalking should go so far as to find out what your target customer likes to do on the weekends and at night. The times that are outside working hours. Figuring out where they will be will allow you to be of service when they need you.


I do caution you though, don’t take this so far as your are a creep. Nobody likes a creep.

Engage With Them

Social media is a beautiful way to create a good connection when you are not physically with a person. It allows you to constantly be having a conversation. This is good because it will allow your customer to become more comfortable with you, and since you are already stalking them, might as well have a conversation with them so it isn’t weird.


Whether you are on Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn, make sure you can dedicate time to each platform to have a conversation. It is better to be on less platforms and more engaged, than on more platforms only having a one way conversation. Best rule of thumb is to stick to the platforms you are comfortable with and increase it one at a time, and slowly.

Solve Their Problems

Where there is a problem, there is a solution. When there is a solution, there is a business opportunity. Be the solution for your customers. Too often we look at businesses as just offering us products, but really what a great business does is offer a solution. The only way to offer a solution is to know what your customers want. At the end of the day they want a solution because they are coming to you for a service.


Service based companies are always solving problems. And to get someone to pay for a service, you need to solve a problem, and solve that problem better than someone else can. This is giving your customer what they want. A solution.

Show Up

Your customer wants you to show up for the task at hand. Sometimes the winner in the competition is the person who showed up. Being there when a customer needs you is you showing up. This means you show up when called, in a timely manner, when you said you would. Also, you are reliable in your ability to show up. The customer knows when they call, you will show up for the business. Be the company that shows up wanting the business. The customer wants you to want them.


Understanding your customer is not difficult, but it does need to be a priority. Giving the customer what they want is how you build a lasting relationship and keep your business growing and thriving.


What does your customer want?