Why are we doing this?

The taxi industry hasn't changed for a while. We still need to call and talk to a third person to get a cab.

We have a state of the art devices, yet the transportation industry uses all kind of dinosaurs.

We feel it's a good reason and a good timing for a change. We see an evolution coming and we want to speed it up by reducing bureaucracy and by solving most of the problems of the taxi and private hire industries with latest mobile and web technologies. Uber, Lyft, Hailo and others have made it clear that peple want to book a taxi from their devices right to their location. But they have the centralized control and try to expand to different markets with the same business model. We want to give the same technical tool to companies and entrepreneurs so that they build a local network with the local business model, local name, local translations and local payment providers. Taxi is not a global business. There is literally no taxi company who operates in 2 cities. So every city is a potential new network.

How are we doing it?

The idea was to use the latest geeky tools to make a change. Forming a strong team was the secret sauce behind making it all work. Everyone can make an app, but to make it matter and be valuable to people is something more complex. You need to think as a psychologist first, or better as a mom, then as a developer or sales guy.

What is TaxiStartup?

TaxiStartup is a set of dispatch, mobile and web booking tools for starting your own ride sharing network or empowering your current taxi or limo fleet and operations with the latest mobile tech. TaxiStartup is doing for taxi and private hire the same thing Shopify does for retailers. The industry is moving towards mobile and web booking. We help companies get on board of the evolution with little to no efforts. We also open doors for everyone who dreamed to open their own taxi or private hire companies, but didn't had enough resources for expensive software, phone operators, computers and IT personal. Not to mention that basically anyone can create their own Uber, Hailo or Gettaxi with our platform - it has all the features and even more.

The product

Dispatch app

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Press Releases

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