Your own mobile booking app for iPhone and Android

Give your customers an amazing possibility to order a taxi with two clicks on their smartphones. Whether your customer has an iPhone or an Android phone we have a TaxiStartup app for them. Do you actually want your own customised branded apps? We can do that too!

Next generation dispatch software

Running a good business requires a right tools. And business-critical tasks are even more demanding. Dispatch service as a core of any taxi business has to be arranged and polished to its best. That’s why we spent enormous amount of hours developing our Dispatch Web Application. We are truly proud of it’s clear yet functional design. That is a right tool to make your business efficient and technically developed.

GPS technology as a core of all our products

Having GPS doesn’t make a sensation. But utilizing it till it’s end, that’s what makes a difference. Our products are built keeping a question in mind - “How can we make use of location information better?”. The results are great! You can monitor your cabs in real time right from dispatch panel, driver can see an exact customer’s location and a pick-up location, while customer sees a taxi coming on the map.

Right tools for automation

Good news is the more customers use their smartphones to order a taxi, the less work is there for you. Thus you can plan on growing your business without a need to hire more staff. Even receiving a phone order requires less assistance now, as driver gets a pick up location and a customer’s phone number for better coordination. That means your operators can receive and manage more orders, without being destructed by radio conversations and middleman operations.

Operating in the Cloud

Cloud hosting is the most reliable, yet most cost efficient solution for your business. Our solution allows up to 100.000 requests per second, making you worry about profits, not technical stuff. Cloud hosting also means that you don’t need your own infrastructure, servers and no system administrators as well - we do everything for you. On top, that allows you to manage your company from any place in the world right on your iPad.

Rating and Reviews lead to a better service level

Rating and reviews is a simple yet powerful tool to keep your service level high. Your customers will be able to set rating of a driver and leave a short review after each ride. Having a higher rating any driver will have a better chance to get an order. That motivates drivers to provide a better service.

Credit card payments

TaxiStartup platform allows your customers to pay for their rides via a credit or debit card with a single touch. You can configure the system to behave in a different way, depending on the payment methods available. For example the system can charge the payment automatically from a pre-validated credit card, or ask a customer to choose cash or credit card payment methods.

Increasing safety and trust

Using our solution can easily increase safety and reliability of your business, since your customers will be able to see driver’s name, rating and reviews. That’s not some random taxi driver any more. Our research showed that having such details increases trust twice, impressive huh? Not to mention that customers appreciate and trust technically advanced companies more.

1-Click Taxi Button

1-click Taxi Button is a great solution to win the visitors from hotels, restaurants, bars and other public places in your city. Doesn't require installation - just plug the power supply and your taxi is one click away.