(English) Activate Credit Cards Payments in your Apps with ‘Express Merchant Account’ BETA

Natalia Korol
Dec 28, 2016

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Ilya Atrashkevich

TaxiStartup co-founder and CEO

Activate credit cards payments in your applications with zero fee ‘Express Merchant Account’ BETA


• Working worldwide;
• Most popular credit/debit cards support;
• Zero fee for withdrawing to company’s balance;
• Instant withdrawal to company panel account;
• Activation within 24 hours.
Express Merchant Account (beta), our free merchant product, is now available worldwide. It enables businesses to easily accept payments from drivers and passengers via credit cards. Now available in your country too!


Accept payments anywhere – worldwide


Cover all payment methods in your country


100% cashback on instant withdrawal to company panel account

Using the Express Merchant Account (beta) will help you save on fee transactions without having to pay the hefty fees of 2.9% + 0.3 EUR from each transaction (passenger or driver) in EUR. Braintree also charges additional 1% fee applied to transactions presented outside of merchant home currency EUR.

Instant withdrawal to your company panel is a unique market offer from TaxiStartup, which gives you total control over your money. The money arrives in your account within a working day after you send a request.

How it works:

Express merchant

Example: A company in Europe receives a total of €1000 from 50 passengers and/or drivers via Visa card payments.

Card Processor fee applies: €29+$0,30*50 transactions=€44
A fee is taken from the balance: €1000 – €44=€956

Company owner receives:

Via Wire transfer: €956 – €5 (wire fee) = €951 to bank account.
Via Instant withdrawal: €956 + €44 (TaxiStartup cashback) = €1000 to company panel account.

Instant activation within 24 hours

TaxiStartup will activate your merchant account within 24 hours or even earlier after receiving a $1000 chargeback/fraud* deposit.

Credit Cards Payments for Drivers

One of the top requests we get is for the possibility to top-up driver balance remotely. So, your wish is now granted! From now, your drivers won’t lose jobs because of the negative balance. They can send credits from a credit card to their account (driver wallet) in the driver application with a single click!

credit cards payments

Credit Cards Payments for Passengers

Allow your passengers to pay for the trips with credit cards right from your branded app with one click. The cost will be automatically calculated based on the rates you set. Easy. Just what your customers love.

credit cards payments

Fast and Easy Setup

• Fill in the application form
• Make a chargeback/fraud deposit of 1000$
• Start accepting credit cards


Common questions:

1. What is chargeback/refund deposit?

TaxiStartup default chargeback deposit is $1000, it is the same amount taken by Braintree and Stripe. This money will be used to cover any chargebacks you need to process down the road. When you close your account with us, you’ll receive this money back in full.

2. How does cashback work?

TaxiStartup offers 100% cashback only on instant withdrawal to company panel account.

3. Can I apply if I use DriverApp?

Yes, Express Merchant Account (beta) works for neutral DriverApp.

4. Can I apply if I use PickmeApp?

Yes, PickmeApp passengers can use a credit card to make payments for the trips. However, they won’t be able to add a credit card to their wallet in the application.

5. Will it work in my country?

Yes, Express Merchant Account (beta) works everywhere, where credit cards exist.