All New Unified Design of Your Mobile Booking Apps is Out with the Release 0.10.3

Eugene Suslo
Jul 14, 2015

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It is my great please to introduce the changes combined in the new release starting off with the whole new booking apps. Buckle up…

A Long Way to the Top Performance and Usability

Many of you have noticed only slight changes on the old versions of our apps. And the reason for that is our dedication and focus on the whole new user experience, user interface design, performance improvements and unified basis for both iOS and Android platforms. There are two reasons it took thousands of hours of our development team to deliver these apps. First – the complicated logic at the back, to simplify user experience at the front. Just take a look at this UX board to get the idea:

Screenshot 2015-07-14 22.25.16

Second – multiple iterations, user experience test, several development cycles sending us back to the drawing board. We haven’t stopped perfecting the technical performance and app delivery process, until we were fully satisfied with the result. We set hight goals and we knew it will take us passion and dedicated to get there. But we can’t afford to supply less of a product to our partners. I would like to thank our team for their hard work, for setting the high standards for themselves and never compromising. Good job.

Why Unified Design?

Design is all about user experience. It is the way our customers interact with the app. A good user experience makes users happy, thus increases conversion and brings more jobs to the drivers. Bad user experience means frustrated users, no jobs and no word-of-mouth effect. That’s why we are paying so much attention to this part. This is a foundation that allows our partners to build a successful business on top.
Now, a unified user experience and a unified design allow us to solve only one problem instead of two. And combining with the other factors this increases our performance, delivery and productivity by a factor of four. It also means no frustration for the users who switch between iOS and Android platforms.

Unified Core

Similar to the unified user interface we have developed a unique technology that allows us to have a unified core in all the apps. That reduces a number of bugs by half, gives exactly the same logic and behavior on both iOS and Android phones and allows us to use it as a base for our unified user experience. Technically this is probably the most advanced platform on the market.

Simple Clear Actions on Every Screen

Through multiple design and user tests iterations we have come up with a completely new booking flow. In a few words I can describe it as a “single action per screen”. We have proved that it is not a number of steps that scares users, it is a number of actions on a single screen. Thus we have dedicated a single screen for each action, resulting in the last booking confirmation screen with all details. Our research has proved that this is a way users are used to deal with other mobile apps, like posting Instagram pictures or sending messages. As a result we have doubled the conversion to confirmed orders and decreased a booking time by 40%.

Foursquare Places and “mapless” interface


While most of the players on the market overload the first screen with the complicated map interface, we keep thinking that map is not the first priority and is actually frustrating for a lot of users.  The thing is, today our phones know our location better than we do. And while for us, geeks, map is a natural interface, for most users it is complicated. People are used to addresses and places. And that’s why we give them their address and a list of nearby Foursquare places. You can definitely find there the bar, or a restaurant you are sitting at. And no worries, your recent nearby places will follow in a bit. Leave maps for hiking, a taxi app should know where you are without compass and navigation by stars.

Follow as Your Driver Arrives


This great feature is now available on both iOS and Android platforms, combined with automatic zoom as your driver comes closer. This is a really great way to see that your driver is coming in few minutes.

You can read more about new apps here.

Intelligent Queues

This release includes a great fair of jobs distribution algorithm. We call it “intelligent queues”. It basically distributes the jobs fairly between your drivers. To simplify, we form a queue of all drivers within 5 minutes reach to the customer, based on driver’s waiting time, distance and rating. First of all, this doesn’t affect the service quality, since every driver can still reach a customer within 5 minutes. Second, this keeps all drivers engaged, not only those who are lucky. And third, this solves the case when drivers are standing in line. Now they will get jobs one by one. And another great reason is that it motivates drivers to accept jobs, since if they don’t – the waiting time is reset to 0.


In this example two drivers are both within 5 minutes from the customer. But one of the drivers has completed his job just 3 minutes ago, and another one has been waiting for his customer for 15 minutes, so he is the one to get the new order.

Improved Location Accuracy

While we have introduced multiple tweaks for better location accuracy on both booking and driver apps, we have also implemented some notifications, letting user know if the location services are turned off or reception and accuracy are poor. On the customer side that prevents creating orders with a wrong address. And on a driver’s side that gives more precise arrival time and allows customer to track the exact position of a driver while he is on the way or have arrived.


Available today.

The new apps are available already now along with the other updates. If you still haven’t signed up you can do that now.