Are You Starting a New Business? Check Our Selected Running Lean Guide

Eugene Suslo
Nov 13, 2013

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A lot of our customers are starting new businesses and that’s awesome! The only way we can change the world to a better place (and buy a 300 feet yacht) is to disrupt the way things are at the moment. There are no “blue oceans” left, every straightforward opportunity is taken by someone. The only way we can enter the market is to leave them behind using the competitive advantages like latest technologies, the lean mindset and growthhacking our way through marketing and PR. So, here it is, our selected guide on the reading materials that will help you to succeed!


Part I: Introduction

Growth Haсker Marketing – Ryan Holiday

Part II: Validation

The Lean Startup – Eric Ries, The bible of Lean (numerical validation)
Running Lean – Eric Ries, Building a sustainable business model
Customer Development (partly covered by Running Lean)
UX for Lean Startup (quality validation)

Part III: Startup Metrics

Presentation Dave McClure: Startup Metrics for Pirates (AARRR)
Lean Analytics


Good luck running lean!

Eugene Suslo