(English) Fixed Rate Zones and Custom Rate Names – Release 0.12.6

Eugene Suslo
Feb 04, 2016

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Fixed rates between zones

I am glad to introduce fixed rates between zones. It is now possible to set a fixed rate for an airport trip, or a trip between districts. You can also set a priority for overlapping zones, allowing you to set a fixed rate for train station trips, while train station is located within a central city zone.
Zones and fixed rates configuration is done by our consultants. You can request it via support@taxistartup.com.
Please note, since the setup takes time, a minor configuration fee applies.

Custom rate names


You can now name your rates according to the actual services you provide. The configuration is done on “Rates” tab in the company panel. Custom names are available in white label apps and in dispatch panel.
Please allow a couple days for your iPhone passenger and driver apps updates to be approved by Apple.

As always, feel free to get in touch, if you need a hand.