Hot-fix Release 0.9.4 is out!

Eugene Suslo
Nov 27, 2014

Hot fix release 0.9.4

Hot-fix release 0.9.4 is out and among multiple bug fixes there are a few new features that came along.

Web Booking 2.0

Happy to announce a web booking 2.0. It is implemented purely on HTML5 with compact code and seamless compatibility. With a sleek minimalistic design it allows you to naturally place it on your or your partner’s web page.
Just copy/paste this iframe in your html code, change 3 parameters to fit your needs and you are all set:

  1. language – a 2 letter code of your preferred language. Note that we can change translations upon request
  2. city – your city name to place in the header. If a city name has a space in it you need to swap it for “%20” like that “New York” -> “New%20York”\
  3. country – a 2 letter code of your country to limit the area of address hints.

Copy/paste to your web one of the following code parts:

Transparent background:

Image background:

Should you have questions or need help launching web booking on your web shoot us a mail to and we’ll be glad to assist.


Manual Dispatch

As you already know, TaxiStartup platform allows you to work with drivers that don’t have a smartphone for some reason and communicate with dispatch via a radio, messenger or some other way. You can manually assign jobs to any driver that has a board number set in his profile. If driver has an app he will get a green card for 30 seconds (should he choose to reject, a job will be sent further as normal). If driver is marked as radio and doesn’t have an app a job will be assigned to him right away, but you would need to communicate through radio or other means obviously.
Manual dispatch

Recent Jobs in Driver App

Recent jobs in driver app
Drivers on both iOS and Android platforms are now able to check their recent jobs from side menu. We have also added notifications to iOS driver app and a new version is now in review on the App Store.

We have also improved the way apps are updated to the latest version, made some human friendly adjustments to the address format and fixed a number of issues.

Hope you enjoy it!


Co-founder, Eugene Suslo