(English) How to Expand Your Business Without Overhead Costs

Natalia Korol
Feb 13, 2017

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Planning to expand business to a new region? Good! Here is the way to save some money on a physical office.

How to Expand Business

When you think of expanding to a new region or city, you probably envision a call centre with a handful of operators, dispatching orders. But this familiar scene is starting to change now.

With TaxiStartup several company panels, it’s easier than ever for company owners to branch out without a physical, shared space. The company panels are securely shifted to the cloud and accessed with a standard web browser.

Some of our clients have already done away with their multiple offices completely. So, here’s the question: do you really ‘need’ an office?

The benefits of multiple company panels

1. Extend the operational area offering high-level service

Chances are, that the extension of the operational area to the maximum within one company panel may result in increasing the arrival time. What is more, a passenger can get a notification that there are no drivers in his location. Having multiple panels for different cities and uniting them under your brand might be a great solution.

operational area

2. Reduce the operational costs

The average cost of office space, nationwide, is about US $23.23 per square foot, per month. For most companies, that amounts to thousands of dollars every month in rent.

3. Invest in customer acquisition

If your priority is to build a great business, hiring multiple operators isn’t always a necessity. The average operator salary is around US $2,000. The average user acquisition cost for an app install on Android ranges between the US $1 to the US $2 per download/install. You’ll likely be more motivated to invest in customer acquisition, huh?

How it works

• Different configurations managed by one email

Each panel can have different tariff settings (day and night rates), currencies, etc. depending on the city/country.

• All accounts are united under your brand

You have a separate company panel (account) for every city or even country united under one brand.

• Adding every new company panel is free of charge

Monthly plan fees will be taken from every active company panel.

TaxiStartup has made it easier than ever for business owners to expand to additional locations without having outrageous overhead costs.

Want to try out several company panels right away? Just contact our technical specialist at support@taxistartup.com so he will guide you through the settings.