(English) How to Market a Taxi Business: 7 Tips to Promote Online

Natalia Korol
Jun 28, 2016

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From the previous post you have learnt how to give your company a boost using offline marketing actions. Here are 7 powerful ways to advertise and promote your business online.

Modern people don’t want to waste their time on calling and waiting for a dispatcher. It’s an old-fashioned way, and if you want your company to grow – forget about it and start using the online dispatch system and apps.

It is inevitable in today’s tough competition to have a white label mobile app for Android and iOS platforms.
Let it be the only way your drivers can acquire orders. Since drivers are your brand ambassadors, make sure they are aware of driver behaviour tips and know how to use the driver app.

online promotion

1. Landing page

“Never. Start. A. Marketing. Campaign. Without. A. Dedicated. Landing. Page.”, says landing page expert Oli Gardner.
In order to start your business without spending a fortune, you should create a landing page. It is more environmental friendly when it comes to advertising and marketing. It can help you generate more customers. Not just outside your city, but worldwide. Your business will be visible around the world.

Such page is similar to a regular website, although it focuses on specific call-to-action and consists of only one page. Via it customers will be able to order a taxi, download your IOS/Android apps or sign up for newsletters.

2. Advertising

Advertising is the most effective way in online promotion. Google AdWords and PPC [pay-per-click] can give you crazy amounts of traffic if you are tight with your campaign and run niche ad groups.

But working with Adwords requires experience and deep knowledge of the details and can be expensive. So to make it work efficiently for your business and not waste a lot of money, we recommend applying to local PR agencies.

We’d like to share with you this marketing brief tailored especially for your company. It includes online and offline marketing activities we consider the most useful for a taxi business. The expected output from this brief will be an offer with estimated time of delivery and budget.

All you need is to fill in and send it to your local PR agencies to get a quote for online and offline promotion.

Why apply to local PR agencies?

– They know the local market

– Their past experience means they know the right media contacts

– They’re a better value than an internal employee

3. PR

The media often publishes for free, as they are constantly looking for local news, especially if you have a good reason for it. For example, a new Uber competitor on the local market will definitely attract attention from new customers.

The only thing you need is a good story/newsflash and a PR manager with established connections in the media to spread it.

– Find an experienced PR manager, who already has some needed local media contacts.

– Prepare an effective press release with the help of your PR manager and send it out to the local online whose audiences are likely to be interested in your service. It should be about your company’s launch on the market.

4. Facebook Corporate Page

Create Facebook business page to boost your company’s awareness. Make sure that there is someone responsible for constant updates of relevant, informative and entertaining content. The page should display some appeals to new customers, promo codes for potential ones, etc.

Facebook ads can be successful too. You can set a small budget (less than $10 per day) and target specific customers by age, gender, education and interests.

Even if people don’t immediately order a taxi because of the Facebook ad, many of them wind up ‘liking’ your business, which creates a database of potential customers.

5. Deal Sites

Promote on so-called Deal sites like Slickdeals.net, selling coupons with discounts. They are really popular among consumers, as people often search for bargains.

6. Referral Programs


The best way to get new active customers without a lot of investments from your side is to use a referral program. A research by the American Management Association shows that the average satisfied customer shares his pleasant experience with up to three other people. If you want to promote your service intensively and attract more customers, you may want to use this referral option provided in our system. Mind, that it’s more cost-effective than advertising or any regular marketing tool.

7. Business Listing

Consider Yelp.com – one of the most effective sources which publishes crowd-sourced reviews about local businesses. Companies can also update contact information, hours and other basic listing information or add special deals there.

The top 4 countries where Yelp is used are: US, Canada, United Kingdom, Germany. Spain, Italy, and Switzerland have been also recently launched.

How Asheville Taxi Benefits from Using Yelp

One of our US clients – Asheville Taxi has been using Yelp for a couple of years and considers it effective as for the company’s awareness and for follow-up with the customers.

They comment and analyze the reviews thus creating a special community keeping in touch with the customers.
Yelp Asheville

Yelp provides locally targeted content that naturally attracts links. Also, Yelp reviews started showing up higher on search engine result pages. For example, should you type ‘Taxi in Asheville’ into Google, the top search results come from Yelp, as shown in the image below:


You’d be amazed at how many small businesses forget to sign up for services like Google Places, Yahoo Local, and Bing Local even though it’s free!

Google and Bing both offer a free listing for local businesses. Go to Google My Business to get listed on Google. To get listed on Bing, go to Bing Places for Business.

Yahoo Localworks charge for local listings $29.99 a month and lists you in 60+ directories including Yahoo Local, Yelp, WhitePages, Mapquest and more. The benefit of paying: you have a single location to enter your data to make it consistent and available on multiple online directories.