(English) How to Use Trends in Marketing: Pokémon Go Campaigns

Natalia Korol
Jul 18, 2016

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Pokémon Go is on fire. It’s not just a game, it’s a Pokémon Go trend now.

Pokémon Go is an app which calls on players to hunt for the virtual creatures in the real world. The game is depending on your mobile’s GPS and clock to determine your location and then your Pokémon will appear anywhere around you to catch it.

Pokémon Go trend

Many companies use Pokémon Go trend in marketing their products and services

The Pokémon Go hype is still in the beginning, but over the past few days, we’ve seen a handful of Fortune 500 companies attempting to surf the trend with a clever real-time marketing play, including Amazon, Best Buy, Whole Foods, and Big Lots.

pokemon go usage time

Pokémon GO players are highly engaged, spending far more time in the app than they do with some of the most popular social apps.

Here are some of the good examples of using this trend

uber driver plays pokemon go

How to include Pokémon Go in your content strategy

Even if it’s not relevant for your company, there is still a way to widen your market through social media channels like Facebook creating appealing content for your audience.

Make sure that the content you’re creating is a good fit for your audience and find ways to expand it or even discover new marketing opportunities.

Offer personal Pokémon Go driver

The ads are slowly cropping up around the country. For just $20-$25 per hour a driver will chauffeur you around to play in cities like New York, Portland, and Baltimore. From an ad in Portland on Craigslist:

pokemon ad

Promote your business and make discounts to people

For example, if a client has spotted a Pokémon inside your taxi ask them to take a photo of it and share on social media by tagging you. In return, you can offer them a discount for the next ride.

pokemon in car

Besides, Pokemon Go consumes a lot of battery. Offer to charge client’s phones in your taxi for free, they will love it.


It’s expected that more companies will use Pokémon to market their products and services in the next days. So join the popular trend especially if you feel that it can help you engage with your clients and increase brand awareness.