(English) Leverage Referrals to Grow Your Client Base

Eugene Suslo
Jun 07, 2013

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Even in today’s digital age, the single best source of new clients for any business is word-of-mouth advertising. What better way to get new clients then to have existing customers spreading the news about your exceptional service?

While word-of-mouth happens naturally, provided your taxi service is worthy of the effort, there is one thing you can do to increase the chances people will recommend your service to others.You need to take advantage of referrals. Referrals are a power tool when used correctly, and can be leveraged by taxi drivers to increase their customer base.


Provide outstanding service to your clients

There are several things that need to happen in order to get successful referrals. You need to have a service that people will want to recommend. No customer is going to suggest that their friends use a taxi service that is subpar.

The key to getting great referrals is to have a service that stands out. Your company needs to make an impression on your existing clients. Clean cabs, professional drivers and courteous service are all necessary if you want your clients to put themselves on the line for your company.

Offer incentives for referrals

There are many ways that you can entice passengers to spread the word about your excellent taxi service. Incentives are a powerful motivator, and simple to provide. Give a small stack of discount coupons to your passengers as they leave the cab. Ask the passenger to hand out the coupons to their friends and colleagues. Assuming your passengers were satisfied with the service your taxi company provided, they’ll be more than happy to help their friends save a few bucks on their next fare.

Don’t be afraid to ask for referrals

Keep a handful of referral forms on a clipboard in your cab. If you have a passenger on board who is pleased with the service you offer, ask them to provide the names of a couple of friends who might be interested in your taxi service. You can offer an incentive to the passenger for providing the information, and offer to give a further discount to their friends on their next fare.

Email addresses are the easiest thing to collect. They’re not too personal and allow you to contact the potential client in a non-invasive way. It also allows you to email coupons for a discount if they try your taxi service.

You may find that some passengers are reluctant to share their friends’ contact information. There are ways around this problem that can still let your taxi service take advantage of referrals. Everyone carries a smartphone these days. Place a sticker in your cab with a QR code for a discount coupon on your website. Allow the client to email that coupon to their friends in exchange for an incentive. That way, you still get the benefits of the personal referral, but the passengers won’t need to be concerned with giving out personal information.

Referrals are a powerful tool for growing a client base. If you have a quality taxi service with a history of providing outstanding service to your clients, use those clients to expand. Most people are more than happy to recommend a service they’ve had a positive experience using. Offering them an incentive only sweetens the deal. Help them advertise for you by providing them with easy ways to spread the word and watch your client base bloom.