(English) Map on 1st Screen & Unlimited Favorite Addresses – Your Customers Will Love It

Natalia Korol
Jun 21, 2016

Desculpe, este conteúdo só está disponível em inglês (EUA), espanhol europeu e russo. Por uma questão de conveniência para o utilizador, o conteúdo é mostrado abaixo no idioma por omissão para este site. Pode clicar numa das ligações para mudar o site para outro idioma disponível.

AURORA - new release

Improved Passenger Experience and Usability with Map on 1st Screen

The app will now open up with the map on the first screen, allowing the client to choose the pick-up point right away. We have made a survey among the test users, and the conversion into the next step has doubled.

As the address is no longer so important and accurate as the actual location, the driver will be able to find you at your exact location, even if you are in the middle of nowhere without a defined address.

Say “No” to searching for detailed address information.

Just imagine, you have been lost in a megalopolis and have no idea where you are. Turn on your app, simply point on the map – the driver will be right there for you.

Or, let’s say, you are not sure about the exact address and you have no time to figure it out. The app will do it for you.

map on 1st screen

The app now opens with the map on the 1st screen. Simply point where you want to be picked up

One Step Ahead of Uber – Multiple Favorite Locations

Rushing to work or college in the morning or picking up kids in the evening? Enter as many favorite places as you wish and save time with this smart solution!

These points of interest will always be at hand. You can mark ‘Home’, ‘Work’ or ‘Other’ as many destinations as desired. It can be gym, friends, doctor, etc. and you won’t have to tap in the address over and over again.

Favorite and recent points Favorite addresses

Favorite addresses can be stored with 1 click. Name them any way you like and have them as many as possible

Web Booking Form Improved UI

Check out the new design and usability improvements of the new Web Booking Form.

You will now be able to book a cab with 1 click. You can indicate the pickup and drop off locations, the preferred time, and comments – all on the same screen. You don’t need to link your web desk to your current address. It is now possible to change the pickup location.

web booking form

The new Web booking form with improved design and usability

Easier Customer Search in Dispatch Panel

You will be able to find any customer by their phone number right away. No need to search for it throughout the reports.
Phone search in dispatch

Dispatch interface with the new function “Search”

Better Verification Process of the Payout Data

The bank data that the drivers enter into the needed fields will be verified by our system for security reasons. It will scan if the given information matches the correct format patterns. If not, the system won’t let it to be saved.

Driver payout details

Payout details screen

Much Easier to Use Super-Sized Phones with 1 Hand

For the large screen resolution gadgets (i.e. iphone 6, 6+; Nexus 6P, Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+, etc.) in the 1-hand-mode the back button can be reached without using a second hand.

3 Additional Languages

The dispatch, company panel and apps are localized into Estonian, Greek and Georgian languages.

Battery Life Improvements

The display of the location in the app is optimized and provides less power consumption.