(English) Maximize Your Driver’s Effectiveness by Adjustable Pick-up Area & Optimal Routes – New Version is Here

Natalia Korol
Aug 09, 2016

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Now the drivers have the possibility to control the pick-up area, see online drivers and traffic jams on the map and more.

New version
We’ve recently released the new version bringing even more of your requests to life. Check out all new features for drivers, passengers and dispatch panel now.

Improved Usability Experience – Enjoy the Most Optimal Route Configured by Our System

As soon as you are ready to go, the map will suggest the “best” route for your comfort right at the 1st screen, which will be also displayed to the passenger. So the drivers won’t have to browse for the route details or look at 2 or 3 screens at a time, the driver app will be all in one, navigating the driver to the destination.

Optimal route

Adjustable Driver’s Working Radius

The drivers will be able to manage their own working radius within the operational area of the company right from their app. This has been a much desired feature, as it solves quite a few inconveniences.

Let’s say your drivers work in a rather big and traffic congested city, and it’s ineffective for the drivers to receive the orders coming from 20 km and more. It will save them time and fuel to work within limited area. They could indicate a certain working area from 1 to 100 km. For example, the driver sets 5 km/mi, which means that he will be available only for the customers situated in this area. This area can be further limited down to 500m to get jobs that are only within 5 min reach for example.

Pick-up area

Ability to See All Online Drivers from the Driver’s App

The driver is now able to see all other drivers online. It gives the possibility to monitor the availability of taxis within the operational area and ensure the most effective service.

Imagine that the driver has just started his shift, he looks on the map and sees that some “high-demand” area is not covered at all – no drivers there. He would go straightly there to make sure he will be the one to take an order as soon as possible. This feature is configurable and can be disabled at your company panel.

Online drivers

Making the Ride Easy and Comfortable Avoiding Traffic

We have added a possibility to see the traffic jams to save time and fuel. Simply tap the “Traffic light” icon and the busy road sections will be highlighted.


Be in the Uberization Trend

If you want to become the pioneer on the on-demand market and expand your business, enjoy our new service types: doctor, nurse, electrician, plumber, lawyer and others. Just imagine how profitable it can be to give the opportunity to order a doctor or electrician visit in 1 click simply using the smartphone.

More Ways to Keep in Touch with Your Clients

Now the client can get in touch with you by means of several additional ways, such as social media contacts, e-mail or phone. It allows you to gather the valuable feedback from your clients about the app and service in general, basing on their comments and/or complaints. Thus, you can develop and improve the business. Plus, you make the customers feel as their opinion matters. But wait. There’s more – there is a possibility to add links to legal information & brand usage guidelines.

Get in touch screen

The Client is Aware of the Night Rates

The customer is able to see the night rates, if they are set by the company, right from the app at the ‘Fares’ screen.


Operating the Dispatch Orders is Much Easier Now

Enjoy our new feature that enables you to copy any order in the dispatch panel. No need to reenter the same data again to create the order.


New Vehicle Class

For you comfort we have added a new vehicle class – economy.

economy car

Should you need a vehicle type that is not supported yet you can request it here.

Additional Languages


The dispatch, company panel and apps are localized into German and Norwegian languages.