New Release is out with new free apps, push notifications and web booking

Eugene Suslo
Apr 21, 2014

1. Brand new free app for iOS and Android – PickmeApp


TaxiStartup system now comes with the brand new free iOS and Android apps. Same as DriverApp, PickmeApp has no taxi branding, so it can be used for any business type, whether it is a taxi, limo, luxury sedans or an airport shuttle.

Free apps with no taxi branding.

PickmeApp DriverApp
App Store Google Play App Store Google Play


2. Push notifications on iOS and Android

Push notifications
We now send push notifications to both driver and passenger on both Android and iOS platforms. That means:

  • a client will never miss a taxi
  • a client can wait for an available driver in the background
  • a driver can wait for a new jobs in the background
  • a driver is notified when a job he has bid on has started


3. Sound notifications and always-ON screen in driver apps

Driver sound notifications
Now both iOS and Android driver apps get sound notifications, so drivers will never miss when a new job arrives. Besides a smartphone screen will now stay ON while the driver app is running, making it a reliable tool for the job.

4. Web booking

Web booking widget
You can place a webbooking widget on your own web site or partner with the major local portals and place it there. It is also convenient to give it to hotels and restaurants, so they can help out their customers to hail a cab.
Available upon request.

5. Simplified android app

Simplified workflow
Android passenger app is now taking advantage of the intelligent engine selecting the best confirmed driver for you, so you don’t need to look through all drivers and check if they are available. That makes the app less complicated and more customer oriented, increasing the amount of bookings for your business.

6. Manual dispatch and dispatch via radio

Manual dispatch
You can now dispatch all your taxi drivers manually, whether they use the app or communicate via radio.
If you would like to be able to dispatch drivers manually, follow these steps:

  1. check “radio” checkbox in the driver’s settings
  2. select “radio” in dispatch and put a driver’s number and arrival estimate
  3. when you press “assign” the driver will receive this order in his application along with push notification if the app is not running or is in the background.