(English) Release 0.13.1-GRAVITY is out

Eugene Suslo
Mar 04, 2016

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Experience the Power of Demo Mode

If you are just about to launch your operations and want to try out the system and apps, Demo Mode gives you limitless possibilities to do whatever you want without any risk to break anything. That includes:
– Paying for trips with credit cards
– Testing referral campaigns and coupon discounts
– Testing with unlimited number of drivers
– Testing multiple vehicle classes and many more
Any of your actions on Demo Mode will not have an impact on production environment. Though, we will migrate your company configuration once you move to production. You can easily do that by signing up on the plan. Make sure to properly configure your operations. If in doubt – always mail us to support@taxistartup.com

If you have already launched your operations, demo mode helps you run more clean professional operations, without anyone interfering from outside.

New Pricing for your Growth – From $99/Month

We have come up with a new Growth Plan that does exactly what it says – allows you to grow your fleet and your operations without significant expenses. Our goal is to help you expand to your visible market share. And we will do our best to cover you from our side.

Accept Payments with Stripe


You can now accept credit card payments with Stripe via TaxiStartup branded booking apps and driver apps. Stripe is available in 23 countries and constantly launching on new markets. Learn more at stripe.com


Stripe Atlas


Stripe Atlas is an amazing new opportunity for business all around the world. With Atlas you can remotely incorporate in US, get a bank account and start accepting payments via Stripe. You don’t even have to visit US and can manage your company and account remotely. Learn more at stripe.com/atlas

New vehicle types


We have added two new vehicle types – “Moto XL” and “Courier”. Should you need a vehicle type that is not supported yet you can request it here.

Eugene Suslo