Julia Alexeenko
Sep 28, 2018

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For some of us, it’s fall, for others, the spring has just started — and it was no reason for our developers to stop creating a whole set of new, cool possibilities! Meet Thunderstorm, release 0.22.1!

Tiny spoiler: unlike the new iPhone, it comes with features you’ve been really waiting for!

Dispatch panel

To start with, from now on you can copy the Actual Drop-off field in the Dispatch panel. Many clients asked us to make it happen — now it’s done.
taxi dispatch

Heat map is legendary! No kidding!

Many of our clients wanted to know which working zones bring the most orders each moment of the day. We’ve made a solution for this — meet the heat map!

The heat map in the Dispatch panel shows how many orders are being created in each area of the company working radius. The density of the color shows how busy certain areas are.

This way you know exactly where the drivers should be to get more orders, every moment of the shift. You can analyse how busy the zones are, compare it, and use heat map data to make data-driven decisions for the future.

The heat map works even if the driver radar is off, and is accessible for full- and limited-access dispatchers.
heatmap analytics
To start enjoying the heat map, switch it on in the Operators settings in the Dispatch panel.

We could have told you this feature is amazing, brilliant, world-changing… But we won’t. We’ll just tell the truth: you can use heat map data analytics to make the right decisions and improve the taxi services you’re providing.
Screenshot at Sep 28 10-39-19
We’ve also made a plenty of enhancements and fixed some bugs. Everything looks and works even more great now

Driver app

Now, speaking of the heat map… It’s also available in the Driver app — because drivers also often want to know what the most “heated” working zones are. They can see it and go exactly where the most orders are created.

To give your drivers access to the heat map, switch it on in the Drivers settings in the Company panel.
taxi dispatch system

taxi dispatch system taxi dispatch system

The pins of other drivers on the map move very smoothly with Thunderstorm. It works good, it looks good.

Passenger app

Frankly speaking, since we’ve completely redesigned the Passenger app in the winter, there’s this strong aspiration to leave it the way it is and just improve minor things.

For instance, in Thunderstorm, we’re introducing the possibility to send SMS to a driver in Trip details. Previously, passengers could only call a driver in case of necessity — the things are simpler now

taxi booking app Screenshot at Sep 28 10-49-23

Also, the drivers on the map move really smoothly and realistically with Thunderstorm. A simple thing, but a pure pleasure to see.

Cancellation fees work flawless — tune it in Company panel!

We’ve improved the cancellation fees logics and made them clearer for everyone.

taxi dispatch system

In the Company panel, you can set two new cancellation fee parameters:

  • the passenger waiting time
  • the driver’s distance from the pick-up point being beyond which is considered as “not arriving”.

taxi booking app
If a passenger cancels the trip because there’s no driver at the pick-up point, the system charges the driver who took the order and hasn’t arrived. If a passenger cancels the trip for no reason or doesn’t show up at the pick-up point, the passenger is charged with a cancellation fee.

All the calculations are carried out according to the parameters set in the Company panel.

Cancellation fee calculations are included in the trip summary and are clearly stated in both Passenger and Driver apps.

taxi dispatch system taxi dispatch system

And more!

  • The apps are now a way more stable: they just know how to handle some situations better!
  • BePaid preauthorization works perfectly for Ukraine now.
  • Mongolian language is available.
  • We’ve fixed all the tiny things that went wrong at odd times. Now your experience with TaxiStartup solution will be smoother than ever. Enjoy!