(English) Release 0.23.1 MIRAGE

Julia Alexeenko
Dec 03, 2018

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Release 0.23 MIRAGE


Just the way this cat is emerging, TaxiStartup new system features are emerging with MIRAGE, the new release.

MIRAGE brings you more possibilities to analyze data and several new magic ingredients added to Passenger and Driver applications.

Driver app

Long story short, we’ve changed some things and now there’s no need to specify your country when adding credit cards in Driver application anymore. It’s not paramount, but handy for your employees.

Passenger app

In the Passenger app, there is no need to specify your country when adding credit cards, either.
But that’s not it. There’s also a new flow of leaving tips to drivers in the app: it’s now easier and the whole process is much clearer. Passengers can set the “Default tip” and change it over time.


Killer feature: more analytics for your app promotion!

In this release, we’ve added AppsFlyer integration for Passenger app analytics. What is it and how does it work?

AppsFlyer is a service allowing to attribute where the users came from to your app. In fact, AppsFlyer solution is a really cutting-edge one. They basically create a unique “digital fingerprint” of every user tapping or clicking on your ads — and follow the user to the app stores to see what they are doing motivated by the ad. We’ve integrated the AppsFlyer analytics for your apps. Every app event is being tracked and attributed to clicking on a particular ad.

This is the ultimate — well, the only! — way to see which ads really work for your app, and how they work. It’s even more effective than Facebook SDK because Facebook only tracks the ads placed on Facebook platforms, while AppsFlyer tracks literally any ad on the web!
AppsFlyer is partners with a great many of paid user acquisition platforms — this makes tracking ads efficiency really productive.

You can enjoy AppsFlyer analytics only if you have paid acquisition campaigns powered by Taxistartup going on. This is the only way to make it work for your Passenger apps. Because AppsFlyer is a third-party resource, special fee applies for this service: $0.05 per paid app install (the fee doesn’t apply for organic installs though).


Integration with Whoosh

Good news for the companies in the South Africa. We’ve extended the payment gateways in your country. Now you can process credit and debit card payments via the Whoosh payment gateway. We know many of you have been waiting for it — so enjoy the reliability of Whoosh!

New service types

At Taxistartup, we’re proud to make everything possible: literally every on-demand service you can imagine can be realized on our platform. With Mirage release, we’re happy to announce new service types available:

  • Pickup truck — for pickup trucks to deliver goods and provide moving services.
  • Microbus — for driving more clients at a time or making on-demand mobility accessible for people who need extra room in car.
  • Exceptional — for our clients working with luxurious fleets.


And even more…

Now our system supports Lithuanian and Finnish languages!

Go for it!