Saytaxi and CHAUFFY are coming to San Francisco and Bay Area

Eugene Suslo
Oct 13, 2013



Having spent here some time I can clearly say – taxi and private hire is not like it’s been yesterday. It has changed tremendously! Just a few minutes in SF and you are surrounded by pink-mustached vehicles from, and not so flashy but noticeable Uber black cars. Getting anywhere on time has never been easier – just pull out your smartphone, touch the screen and in a few minutes you are on a ride. Beautiful!


Yet most of local taxi and black car services are missing out on those customers, and maybe soon on their business at all.

Gladly, the solution is just around the corner! Joining our global taxi and black car networks it is – Saytaxi and CHAUFFY are waiting for you to start making profits and grow your presence in the market. Already now several companies took over the leadership in order to be the first and skim the creme off. We are really exited to see that you guys support our vision and ready to move forward as the market is not gonna wait. We have to move quickly, that’s a key!

SF Bay Area is a great place to kick off and start expanding. Most customers here are easy to grasp the point and doesn’t need to be told twice. And we all know how high the rates are here, so it is a great timing, let’s move on!

The service is yet to be polished, but we promise to launch it soon.

Signup on or on (for Saytaxi setup) depending on your business and let’s start from there!