(English) Service types and vehicle classes

Eugene Suslo
Jan 12, 2016

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The day has come and the vehicle classes functionality is now fully available. Let me walk you through different steps on how to set everything up.

Getting started

First you would need to make sure that you have the right service type configured and that your drivers have the right vehicle class.

By default you have only one rate (Rates tab) corresponding to a “Classic” service type.
Screenshot 2016-01-12 10.52.45

And all your drivers have “Classic” vehicle class by default:
Screenshot 2016-01-12 10.51.48

Classic corresponds to a classic taxi service. Customer will see a yellow vehicle on that type of service:

Changing or adding a new service type

In order to change or add a new service type you need to add a new rate.

You can find corresponding images for each service type here.
Screenshot 2016-01-12 11.12.32

Once you’ve set all details and options you need to save the rate. Note, that you can configure whether a service is available for pre-booking and ASAP booking. In below example I have created a new rate for Minivans and configured it to be available only for pre-booking:
Screenshot 2016-01-12 11.22.56

Now when I have 2 services – Classic and Minivan, I can configure the system so that minivans would work on “Classic” rate when they are short on minivan jobs for example. For that open “Classic” rate and check “Minivan” in the list “These vehicle types can receive jobs on this rate”:
Screenshot 2016-01-12 11.27.52

Minivan drivers will now have an additional channel “Classic” that can give them jobs. Note, that they can deactivate it at any time, while “Minivan” channel is always active:

Configuring your fleet

Once you have added a new service type you need to configure your fleet for that service type. By default all vehicles in your fleet has been set to “Classic” vehicle class. You need to go through all your minivans and set the vehicle class to “Minivan”. Note that you can only select the class that you have a rate configured for. That is done to prevent you from setting vehicle classes with no rate configured. Customers would not be able to find such drivers:
Screenshot 2016-01-12 11.42.07

In case you suspend a rate plan “Minivan”, your minivan drivers will not be able to receive jobs and the system will notify you with a red number of drivers affected. You will find those drivers in “No active rate” tab:

Setting up your fares

You might have noticed a few differences in how the rates are configured.
The most important one is that now you need to configure fares (flag down, per minute, per km…) even when the system doesn’t do the calculation of a trip cost. That is done to give your customers the information about the rates and a trip estimate before the booking. That’s how it will be displayed to your customers:

You also have a possibility to set payment options for each rate (service type). For example you can set that your “Business” class is only available with credit card payments, while your “Classic” and “Minivans” can be paid with cash:
Screenshot 2016-01-12 13.47.19

You can also configure a number of passengers for each service type, whether it is available for pre-booking, ASAP booking or both, set a fixed cost option and give your drivers a possibility to add extra.
I advise you to test different options and configure the system the way that corresponds to your business.

Good luck and please let us know if you need a hand!