(English) Taxi Butler Enters the US and Canadian Market

Natalia Korol
May 18, 2017

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Taxi Butler is a great solution for taxi companies to generate more orders from bars, restaurants, hotels or company receptions in your city. Right now US and Canadian clients can already address the company for the service activation.

taxi butler for US and Canada

With just one button press, the Taxi Butler will allow receptionists to book a cab for their guests with your taxi company. According to the statistics, a Taxi Butler generates between 20 – 2500 orders per month. It doesn’t require internet or installation – just plug the power supply and your cab is one click away.

Recently the company announced that the service works in the North American market. According to a Taxi Butler representative, as of July this year, the company can fully supply to South American countries with GSM 850-1900 standard as well.

Taxi Butler Features

  • Integrated and connected to your platform

The Taxi Butler is directly connected to your dispatch system, and the order is processed in seconds. Customers receive live updates on driver details.

  • Two service types booking

Did you know that you can link two service types to one button? The orders will go to the first one at just a button-click, and to the alternative one if you hold the button pressed for a little longer.

    • Different service types setup for different locations

A Тaxi Butler placed in a particular location connects one service type of your company to this location. All you have to do is discuss with your partners the rate and the service type most suitable for their clients.

    • Worldwide support

The Taxi Butler is integrated with the TaxiStartup dispatching system and works worldwide.

  • All GSM standards

Taxi Butler Types:

Taxi Butler Types
    • Taxi Butler ONE

Taxi Butler ONE allows you to order taxi/multiple vehicle types with just press of a button.

    • Taxi Butler PRO

The Taxi Butler PRO has a touch screen with extended booking options.

    • Taxi Butler KIOSK

Taxi Butler KIOSK comes with a printer installed in it. The printing of a ticket improves retention of customers as they know which cab is theirs and when it is due to arrive.

Download full-featured Taxi Butler presentation:
Download Taxi Butler presentation

Want to connect your dispatch panel with Taxi Butlers? Send us a request at support@taxistartup.com, we can help you with the setup.

24/7 Online Booking

TaxiStartup web desk solution

A great alternative to the Taxi Butler is a Web Desk solution. It’s the most user-friendly online booking reservation tool with real-time price quotes, multiple service types support and pre-booking option.

From our experience, it has been useful for a company website and partners portals so the visitors can make travel arrangements from the convenience of their computers and tablets.

Check out all features of a web desk solution in this post.

If you want to chat about order generation tools, just leave a comment below.