(English) Taxi Driver Manual is Available for Downloading

Natalia Korol
May 12, 2016

Desculpe, este conteúdo só está disponível em inglês (EUA), espanhol europeu e russo. Por uma questão de conveniência para o utilizador, o conteúdo é mostrado abaixo no idioma por omissão para este site. Pode clicar numa das ligações para mudar o site para outro idioma disponível.

driver handbook

A driver is your brand ambassador, the one who can ensure that every customer walks away with a smile, and keeps coming back. In this manual, you will find a helpful guide to provide your clients with high and worthy service. Make sure that your drivers are aware of these driver’s behaviour tips.

Please download a detailed Driver App Manual in PDF format aimed at educating your drivers how to use the app.

This reading is primarily intended for taxi drivers covering:

– Driver behaviour tips;
– Car requirements;
– Driver requirements;
– Guide in abnormal situations.

Check out the most frequently asked questions and get answers to them: ‘What if the driver forgot to press the ‘START’ button?’ ‘What if the client is not there to accept the ride?’ ‘What to do if the driver had to pay for the parking or paid transit?’

Download the Driver Handbook