(English) Taxi marketing ideas: beginner’s guide

Julia Alexeenko
Jan 09, 2018

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taxi marketing tips

Doing business is no piece of cake. To develop your company, you’ve got to have expertise in literally every strategic field 🙌.

What are those fields?

Our brilliant product person gathered and analyzed all the statistics about our clients (And these are 200+ applications in more than 60 countries.) We’ve found out there are three keys to progress for a company in the peer-to-peer sector. Here we go:

  • Profiting from the available technologies;
  • Focusing on the right market segment;
  • Reliable taxi marketing plan and an adequate budget for it.

Today we’re going to talk over the marketing part of your proficiency.

Have your own ambassadors

An average taxi app-based company starts working with just a couple of reliable drivers. However, the goal is to grow the number of the drivers engaged. Making your strongest drivers the company ambassadors will help promoting the taxi company.

The professional taxi world is quite small, and everyone knows everyone. Ambassador drivers can spread information about the company via the most tried-and-true channel: word of mouth.

Next to this, experienced drivers usually have enough expertise and interest to hire only “good drivers”.

To make this activity attractive for the ambassadors themselves, consider offering them monthly bonuses or a special salary.

Hire local marketing specialists

To avoid your marketing plan being set up by amateurs, either hire marketers or delegate it to a marketing agency.

It’s better to work with a local marketing team. Why? Because they simply have the most reliable knowledge of the regional specifics.

Digital taxi advertising is everything nowadays. Thus: ask your marketers to create and set up company accounts on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and any other popular social media channels. Take care these accounts are updated regularly (at least once a week).

Inventing your own hashtags for social media also helps to raise business recognizability.

Collaborate with opinion makers

Opinion makers (also called social media influencers) are Instagram/Facebook/Snapchat/YouTube/Twitter-users with a plenty of followers.

They can share their positive experiences of using your services. For many people, such recommendations are very natural to follow.

You can simply contact the local opinion makers and offer a partnership. In return for their service, grant them bonuses, a free trial use of the services, and even payments.

Influencer marketing

Watch out for very plain advertising via the influencers: it doesn’t work anymore and can even harm your company’s image in the worst case. The influencers have to act subtly, and if they do, this will be one of the best ways to advertise the taxi company.

Be generous: it pays back

There are some popular channels for advertising a taxi company among potential clients:

  • Discount campaigns;
  • Referral programs;
  • Sponsoring local events;
  • Investing in social initiatives.

The aim here is to give clients a reason to spread the word (the positive one, for sure) about your company.

Probably the most popular campaign model involves giving presents and playing games. First, offer passengers a little present and a flyer. On this flyer, provide information about a game or a lottery. Tell customers they can win something by sharing their positive experience using your services (in social media or real life).

Balance (and count)

One of the top priorities of the taxi business is to make sure everybody’s happy: both drivers and passengers. That’s why it’s important to keep track on the quantitative balance. Say, you’ve got 1,000 drivers while receiving 30 orders per day — the drivers will be angry. Same with too many customers and just a few drivers: it’ll get too busy.

While the ideal balance is settling, the numbers can be used to promote your taxi company. For example, choose the customer #100 (or whatever works with your scale) and give them an award. This works with drivers, too: reward them for completing a certain number of trips.

Sharing the news about these awards on social media attracts new customers and drivers.

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Motivate your drivers positively

Since the Driver app is the main tool for your drivers, it’s good to train them to use it properly. Set up a course for new drivers so that they can learn about the app’s functionality.

Never (in sake of productivity!) create a common chat group for all the drivers. Instead, provide them with a support phone number. Accordingly, make another support phone line for the passengers’ support. That way, everyone will have a chance to be heard.

You can also consider giving awards to the best 2 drivers of the month, of the year, or mark any other important achievement within the company.

Move on to the events

Good news: once the brand is popular, you can make it even more popular! Participate in industry events and share your business experience. These can be conferences, startup meetings, masterclasses, forums. Not only is this helpful for some healthy networking, it’s also a smart way to market your taxi company among potential partners and investors.

Developing a well-functioning marketing strategy is not easy. You can use our tips to make the first steps, and then figure out what works for you. There is no universal way to success. Every marketing tool needs to be adjusted to particular needs of the business. And for the basic advice, you can always turn to us:)