TaxiStartup Working Hard At MWC 2015

Eugene Suslo
Mar 06, 2015



The Mobile World Congress was a great event for 2015 and the showcasing of new technology was nothing short of astounding. Everything from children’s smart shoes to eye tracking technology for your mobile device. This is the worlds largest conference for mobile devices, but in recent years there has been significant expansion from your typical mobile phone. The Mobile World Congress is truly a centre for innovation and such tech giants as Google and Facebook make appearances, with Mark Zuckerberg even giving insight into how he is hiring these days. It was a truly spectacular display of innovation and TaxiStartup was in the middle of it all. Working hard to bring the innovative Taxi service to the world is our mission and the Mobile World Congress was an essential place to show case this. As we toured around the congress here are a few things that we picked up along the way that we would like to share with you.

The Innovation

The sheer volume of innovative products is astounding. The world is truly diving into the progression of the “internet of things” and making products to enhance our lives. Some key products we saw that peaked our interest are the following:

Samsung Pay

The introduction of Samsung Pay catches our attention because it puts light on the future of mobile payment. Mobile payment is only going to get bigger and this means ease of payment solutions.


The Blackphone+ is the first encrypted tablet. This is proving that more and more people are concerned about security and we are likely to see mobile security a focus in the future.

HTC Vive

Virtual reality has its future and it is in the HTC Vive. This technology is no longer a futuristic dream but is becoming much more of a reality.

Pebble Time

Featuring Pebble Time is an ode to what the smart watch industry is going to be. This is further proof that wearable technology is here and we are likely to see more of it in the future.

The Key Take Aways

The key take aways from the Mobile World Congress 2015 are what we have heard rumours about, but now there is further confirmation. Google has officially made it known of its interest in getting into wireless telecom. This is not really news, but it does confirm what was already suspected, and it truly makes sense for Google. The Chinese phone manufacturers are on the rise and expanding. Huawei and Xiaomi are prepared to bring there mobile devices, which are a big hit in China’s growing middle class, to the rest of the world. Lastly, there is a large focus on security and this is in the form of mobile security. More phones and mobile devices that have enhanced security features built in were showcased at the Mobile World Congress.


The Transformation Of Taxis


MyTaxi ride

What we see in our market of Taxi development is where our true interest lies. Everything from Taxi companies incorporating mobile technology to UberEats, which is a food delivery service. Technology is moving fast in this sector and TaxiStartup is on the cutting edge. We are confident that we are giving our Taxi partners a platform to compete for passengers and build their business. This is an area and an industry that is going through a massive transformation and we are going to be part of this transformation, ensuring we bring the most cutting edge technology.


 What TaxiStartup Is Doing


TaxiStartup has a number of great projects underway. After the Mobile World Congress we are determined to open service in even more countries and languages, which yours could be next. Also, you can check out our great post-conference voucher. As we race to bring the innovative TaxiStartup solution to you, we would love to get your feedback and look forward to serving you better.
Regards, Eugene
Enjoy a few shots from the journey:


Ilya, TaxiStartup CEO, exploring the endless tweeter feeds of MWC


No serious congress have even been held without a selfie!


Mark is telling how mobile changed the world and what’s gonna happen in a few years