(English) Year in Review – 2016 TaxiStartup Milestones

Natalia Korol
Dec 20, 2016

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TaxiStartup Milestones in 2016

Another year is coming to a close. It’s been a big year for all of us here at TaxiStartup! As we approach the holidays, we wanted to take the time to thank each and every one of you for your support not only this year but for the past 4 years. Below are TaxiStartup milestones in 2016.

Summing Up the Year


This year TaxiStartup geography extended to 6 continents, consisting of 200 clients from Canada and US to Maldives and Australia.


New Pricing Plan

We are selling from now only two pricing plans where you pay either for having unlimited orders or unlimited drivers.

Now we charge ONLY for a successful trip, which means you can use our system free in case you have less than 100 orders and pay only 2.9% for each subsequent trip.

Depending on your business model, you can choose a drivers plan for processing unlimited orders and pay a fixed amount of $14 per driver regardless how many orders each driver completes.

New Company Panel

After talking to our customers and understanding how company owners use its killer features, we’re excited to announce our new improved company panel, making it even more killer and adding more features to delight. Also, we’re introducing a new extended analytics!


All TaxiStartup users will begin to see these changes in the next few weeks. We hope the new company panel will improve your experience!

Automatic Payout to Driver’s Bank Account

Do you employ many drivers and have to make multiple calculations managing the drivers’ payouts? If yes, you are most likely spending hours every day looking for information in the reports and preparing the calculation manually. Worse, you may not even realise how unproductive all this is.
TaxiStartup lets you automate drivers payouts and you focus on real work that matters.

Adjustable Working Radius & Online Drivers

The drivers are able to manage their own working radius right from their application and see all online drivers on the map. These features help drivers solve some inconveniences coming from “high-demand” areas and ensure the most effective service.

Online Working radius

Online Booking Tool

We are excited to present our clients a powerful reservation tool handling orders 24/7. Merged from web desk and web booking form, it offers a smooth booking experience across multiple devices including PCs, tablets, smartphones, etc.


Web desk main features:
• Pre-Booking up to 30 days in advance;
• Display a range of vehicle classes;
• Show the approximate pricing and rates;
• Booking multiple trips & pick up locations;
• Auto detect location within 5 sec.

New Payment Methods

You can now accept credit card payments with Stripe via TaxiStartup branded booking apps and driver apps. Stripe is available in 23 countries and constantly launching on new markets.

TaxiStartup gateway adds American Express also known as AmEx, as a new payment option in the company panel and in SayTaxi network around the globe. You’ll have more options, plus the possibly to get 10% cashback on all AmEx payments.

TaxiStartup platform supports new payment gateway – PayU. That means that now your passengers can pay for the trips right from your branded app with one click. And the cost is now automatically calculated based on the rates you set. Easy. Just what your customers love.

Still hesitating on potential revenue by accepting credit cards? Check out these reasons that will change your mind.

37 Service Types

In 2016 we have greatly expanded the list of service types and vehicles offering totally 37 various services suitable both for transportation and on-demand economy.


TaxiStartup accepted the challenge coming from one of our clients and provided an access to a number of on-demand services through one app.

Applications Updates in 2016

As part of TaxiStartup’s ongoing effort to provide our customers with the latest and greatest technology in fleet management, we released several updates in 2016. Totally we provided more than 30 updates for our iOs and Android applications.

In case you missed any, here is a list of the most important updates we released this year:
Manage the driver’s order fees depending on the order source
Improved fare calculation in case of poor GPS connection
Adjustable driver’s working radius & optimal routes.

TaxiStartup platform has integrated with FIWARE APIs to provide next generation orders handling and distribution

Today, we are advancing in another direction, retaining our position at the forefront of the transportation industry. TaxiStartup’s integration into the FIWARE environment extends booking a taxi beyond just simple mobile app or call centre. For example, ticketing system could offer their customers to be picked up in a taxi for an event. Or a yacht booking website could automatically dispatch a black car to drive their customers to a harbour.

We Speak Your Language

Hola, Olá!We are delighted to welcome our Portuguese and Spanish speaking clients in their own languages. We want to make our customers’ experience as easy and stress-free as possible. Our website taxistartup.com is available in Portuguese and Spanish. Moreover, our account managers are native Spanish speakers.

portuguese available_in_spanish

Final Words

We are very happy about all of our achievements in 2016, but even more so, we wish you many new exciting starts and remarkable successes in 2017. Our team will continue to exert every effort to improve our products and make your transportation company triumph with TaxiStartup platform.

Have a happy holiday and New Year, and safe trips.