(English) Account Executive

Our team has been focusing a lot on providing a top level service to our customers. We believe that helping our customers succeed is the mission of our company and the ultimate task for our platform and apps. As an Account Executive you will be responsible for success and growth of our business customers around the globe. You will be analyzing businesses, numbers and goals, helping companies to use the platform functionality and best market practices to grow. Your motivation will be directly connected to customer growth.

(English) [HOT] Education Analyst

We are looking for a person who will lead a new project - Academy. You like to help people. You have experience teaching classes or doing some sort of education. You are good with people and get a thing or two about psychology. You are a creator, a doer (and you can prove that). You have worked with software development teams before and know how products are built. Preferably you have an experience of running a business or startup. You are fluent in English.

(English) [HOT] Lead Front-end Developer

Native JS, ReactJS, Html, CSS. Опыт работы с Google, Yandex Maps APIs. Опыт работы с большим объемом данных. Опыт оптимизации алгоритмов. Опыт проектирования архитектуры Front-end систем. Умение ставить задачи. Умение вкладываться в сроки. Computer Science degree. Technical English.

(English) Smart Junior Java Developer

Способности к быстрому и самостоятельному обучению, умение схватывать “на лету”, высокая трудоспособность и самоотдача, ФПМИ/Мехмат, IQ выше среднего, технический английский язык

(English) Requirements Engineer / Analyst

We are looking for a system analyst to join our team. You have strong analytical skills (which basically means you can solve logical problems). You have an experience in programming. You have an experience with system analysis from complicated projects. You are really good at English, can read/write specifications like it's a piece of cake. You can talk to both developers and humans ;). You have a degree in computer science/math/physics. You are motivated. You know your sh*t and ready to prove it.

(English) Junior UI Designer

We are looking for a junior mobile/web UI designer with bright potential and desire to develop skills while creating great things. You should be a combination of strong logical thinker and artist. You should understand human basic needs, be able to address them in products you design. You should understand that design is solving a problem, rather than making things beautiful. Please send your portfolio and short CV or LinkedIn profile.

(English) Growth Marketing Ninja

У тебя был успешный (и нет) опыт маркетинговых международных проектов. Ты знаешь, как получить органический трафик бесплатно. Ты знаешь, как получить органический трафик со значительным бюджетом. Ты всегда ищешь новые рекламные каналы продаж. Английский язык – родной для тебя, ты предпочитаешь фильмы на английском, книги на английском, статьи на английском. Ты мотивирован(а) личными целями. Тебе нравится работать с умными людьми и отвечать на вызов рынка. Ты хочешь изменить мир вокруг себя.

(English) QA Engineer

Mobile & Web QA Lead

Senior Java Developer

Базовые знания структур данных и алгоритмов, “многопоточное” мышление, понимание паттернов проектирования, умение быстро программировать без разницы на каком языке, от 3-х лет коммерческого опыта Java, знания SQL и/или NoSQL баз данных, английский язык на уровне Intermediate минимум, активность и разносторонние, жизненные интересы.

(English) Mid or Senior Front-end Developer

Native JS, ReactJS, Html, CSS, Experience with Google, Yandex Maps API is a plus, Computer Science degree, Technical English.